Now ASUS Can't Sell 'ZenFone' And 'ZenBook' Devices In India


The Taiwanese tech giant company ASUS has been stopped by Delhi High Court to use the 'Zen' and 'ZenFone' branding in India. This is the reason why ASUS cannot sell its smartphones and laptops which comes under the ZenFone & ZenBook series in that market.

According to reports of barandbech, Zen and Zen Mobile are trademarks owned by the Telecare Network India Pvt Ltd and this company has filed a case against ASUS. These trademarks are owned by this company since 2008.

ASUS has been using these trademarked names since 2014 and the actual owner of these trademarks is saying that they have more authority over those names than ASUS. And ASUS in response reflects that Zen is a generic term which is free to use by anyone without any restrictions.

But the Delhi High Court took the decision in favor of the owner ie Telecare Network declaring that these names will create confusions in the minds of the customer or consumer and they will not be able to distinguish between these two companies. So, now it's impossible for ASUS to sell its ZenFone & ZenBook series devices in both direct or indirect ways.

ASUS in a statement said: "The ASUS legal team is currently working with the Delhi High Court in India to resolve the Zen Mobiles and ZenFone trademark lawsuit. The supply of ASUS smartphones, notebooks, and other products, as well as technical support and after-sales service for all ASUS products, remain unchanged for all consumers"

ASUS has one more chance to get out this lawsuit situation if they are able to convince the Delhi HC on the next case schedule date of 10th July 2019. On this date, the final decision will be taken.

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ASUS flagship phone ZenFone 6 is reaching near its launch date in India but due to this ongoing case, the launching of ZenFone 6 cannot be confirmed. So, let's wait for the final decision to come on 10th July by Delhi HC.

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