Now You Can Kill Germs On Your Phone With This Machine

It’s been said severally that your smartphone houses a wide range of bacteria and some other organisms in large numbers. This is because the warm smartphone is a perfect breeding ground for microbes. In fact, this shouldn’t be news anymore. As an addition, it has also been reported that your mobile device harbours 5 times bacteria than a public toilet seat and that the kind of bacteria found on a person’s device could be used by researchers to detect a person’s diet, health status, gender, and even places visited by such person.

Now, just for fun, let’s think this through together. How much of bacteria would be on a device of an individual that spends a considerably large amount of minutes (or hours? I don’t know. Hehehe) in the toilet, texting? How much? Well, your guess is good as mine. LOL. And yeah! No matter how clean you are or try to be with your device, germs and bacteria always seem to, somehow, find their way on your device. It’s inevitable.

Though we’ve seen efforts by a couple of few companies that’s aimed at tackling bacteria contamination and germ infestation. Innovations like the Kyocera’s washable smartphone and the Corning’s specially formulated Gorilla Glass enriched with antimicrobial ionic silver have all contributed their quota in trying to limit the level of germs on tech products. However, these germ-control methods are restricted to only owners and users of such devices and accessories (the washable smartphone & Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass) respectively – not to whatever device you currently own.

Introducing to you, a new healthier and more efficient way to kill germs on your phones. A method that doesn’t require the use of alcohol wipes, hand sanitizers, or any other chemicals that can damage your device when they come in contact with the device. This method requires the use of a tanning bed, and It’s called PhoneSoap.

PhoneSoap is a “machine” that sterilises your phone by overlaying your phone in the UV-C light. It is, however, this light that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The PhoneSoap is similar to the equipment used by various medical houses to sterilise and disinfect equipment and instruments. You can sure kiss those harsh chemicals goodbye.

PhoneSoap recently launched a new model — PhoneSoap 2.0 — and this model is large enough to accommodate moderately-sized phones and phablets. There’s also a cable that passes through a hole so you can charge your phone while it’s being sanitized. You can also hear your device ring or maybe your alarm through the “acoustic” provided in the 2.0 model.

Still, can’t find any significant thing about the PhoneSoap? Well, the next sentence should impress you. PhoneSoap is powered by a regular micro USB cable, and the entire cleaning/sanitising process takes about 10 minutes with no emission of heat. Now, don’t you think a 10 minute, 99.99% efficient sanitising process is something cool? After the cleaning process, a clean and germ-free device is assured.


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