Now Enjoy PC Gaming On iPhone, iPad & Apple TV Via Steam Link iOS App

Now you can play PC games right on all your iOS devices because the Steam Link iOS app is now officially launched on the Apple App Store. You can also enjoy PC gaming on your Apple TV using the Valve's Steam Link iOS app.

However, this app was going to be launched in May 2018, but Apple restricted its release because of the Steam app's business policies were getting conflict with Apple's one. This was said by Valve.

Steam Link app allows all the gamers to stream their Steam library on to their iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Steam Link app is also available for Android and Rasberry Pi platform. But the Apple's version of Steam Link doesn't allow users to buy any items from the Steam.

This app allows the users to stream PC games to any of your Apple devices. It just like a mirroring service. In order to play PC games, you need to have a PC of Windows or Linus OS, an active steam account and an Apple device whose iOS version must be 10 or higher. For perfect streaming, make sure that the connection speed it at least 5GHz. And if you own a Mac, then you can use it in the place of a PC.

Follow the below steps to connect your Apple device to your PC or Mac Using Steam Link iOS app:

  • Open the Steam Link App on your Apple device.
  • Now your apple device will scan for a PC or Mac in which Steam is installed.
  • Pair your device to PC or Mac using an authentication code.
  • That's it. The app will now run a bandwidth test to check whether streaming will take place smoothly or with buffering.
  • After the bandwidth test, additional drivers will automatically get downloaded and installed on the device.

People are finding it difficult in searching for this app in the App Store So you can use this direct link.

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