Now Even The Poop Pics Can Help To Improve AL Algorithms See How
Now Even The Poop Pics Can Help To Improve AL Algorithms See How

Now and then, we get to hear about science and technology getting advanced. Now even your poop pics can play a key role in developing AI algorithms. Recently, a campaign known as #GIVE A SHIT FOR SCIENCE has been launched daring people to upload pictures of their poop.

You might get worried thinking that whether your poop pics will be used for a good purpose or you may fall in trouble. Don’t worry because your poop pics will be used to create the world’s first database on poop which will train AI termed as Auggi about the subtleties of human feces.

The campaign has been launched by Seed. For your knowledge, Seed is a microbial health company which is developing a health app named Seed Health. The company is mainly in the business of making and selling probiotics.

Seed launched the campaign to urge people to give a shit for science. The company believes that it will be able to receive at least 100,000 poop pics around the world.

As far as one knows, you can predict a lot about a person’s health by just taking a look at their poop. The colour, texture, and consistency of poops of different people hold valuable health data that can help to find out the health status of the person. The developers of the AI algorithm Auggi states that donating poop pics could potentially help at least 1 out of 5 people suffering from chronic gut conditions like irritable bowel syndrome.

The uploaded poop images will be reviewed diligently by a team of doctors. The assigned doctors will classify all the poop images and feed them to AI that will help AI models to find out whether you are constipated or you have a case of diarrhoea due to certain microbes.

How To Participate in This Campaign?

You need to just visit on your smartphone and click on the big “I acc[et the DARE” purple button. Now you will be asked to submit your email address and pooping schedule (morning, afternoon, or evening).seed give a shit program

You can either take a live photo or upload the already captured photo of your poop. You can also set an email reminder to remind you to share your poop pic at the time mentioned. After sharing your poop image, you will be qualified to get a chance to win some limited edition merch like Shit Hat, T-Shit, etc.

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