Now Russian Military is Replacing Windows With Astra Linux OS

We are now seeing a boost in the trend of Windows OS getting replaced by other operating systems mainly Linux based distros. This is happening mainly due to security and Windows being a premium OS.

Many countries have planned to replace their Windows-running systems with Linux or a custom one. We have Heard recently about China's plan to get rid of Windows and build a new OS, especially for their Military purposes. In the same way, the Russian has also moved ahead and started working on changing their current Windows OS with Astra Linux. This is being done for the Russian military's systems to safeguard their highly sensitive data & information from being leaked.

According to various reports, Russia is slowly moving forward to change Windows with their own home build Astra Linux OS. Astra Linux OS is a Debian based distribution launched in 2008 by RusiBITech. The RusBITech company was initially focusing on the private sector but now they are also putting effort on local government bodies.

Astra Linux has got a certification & security clearance from the Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) which enables it to handle & manage highly secret & sensitive information of the Russian government. This is the reason why this is being used as an alternative to the Windows operating system for the Russian Military systems.

According to Astra Linux's Roman Mylitsyn, this step will not only reduce time but also financial costs in integrating and expanding this OS. For your information, the plan of ditching Windows and adopting other os was started in 2008 by the Russian Defence Ministry.

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According to the ministry, Microsoft's Windows OS could hide backdoors which can be easily exploited by the American agencies to find out the information of the highest degree of secrecy.

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