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As promised in the title, in this post I will explain how to install Now TV on all Android devices. To do so, we will see together a practical guide that will allow you to watch Now TV on your Android smartphone right away.

I want to ask you something. Would you be happy to know a simple way to watch Now TV on Android, whenever and wherever you want? So keep reading …

All those who have subscribed to Now TV (formerly Sky online) are divided into two groups: those that have a compatible device and those that do not have a compatible device. Today I will bring these two groups together into one, and you will soon find out how.

The people who thanked me for the various guides I wrote, were really many. There have been so many that I decided to put this guide in black and white to share with everyone what I discovered.

But first, I only ask you to return the effort I put into writing this guide for you. All you need is a simple click, what are you waiting for?

Now you are ready. It begins!!


Now you’ll discover how with a simple click and with the installation of a few seconds on your Android device, you can enjoy all that Sky has to offer with its new Now TV.

What you need to know before performing the procedure is that there are three types of files and each is suitable for a different Android device: one for smartphones without Root, one for smartphones with Root and one for tablets; Now the  

Now TV app is updated to version 1.3.

Do not worry; you will immediately find the file that’s right for you.

  • In case I had an Android smartphone without Root permission Download Now Now TV without Root from here:  LINK
  • Instead, if your Android smartphone has the active Root permissions Download Now Now TV for Android smartphones with Root from here: LINK
  • Finally, if you have an Android tablet you can enjoy Now TV by downloading the file from here: LINK  or from here LINK  or also try these new versions in this  LINK

Did not you think it was that easy? True?

I’ll tell you a little secret: I’ll keep this article as updated as possible, as Sky will constantly update the app in question, always adding new features.

The countless updates, unfortunately, can affect the possibility that your smartphone or Android tablet is not immediately compatible.

For this reason, I give big good luck to DeltaFox to make sure that the mod is always updated so that you can always enjoy the NowTV service on any Android smartphone without any problem.


In this paragraph instead, I will reveal how you can use Now TV on smart TV.

You will have two possibilities:

  • Have a smart TV compatible with Now TV
  • Ability to use Chromecast

As for compatible smart TVs, there are currently only LG TVs and Samsung TVs.

To download the compatible version for Samsung TV, just go to the App Store and download Now TV.

In the case of LG TV instead, if the app is pre-installed is compatible, otherwise, there is currently no possibility of being able to install it with alternative methods.

In the last case, it is better to buy a Chromecast so that you can stream Now TV from your smartphone to the TV.


Have you seen how simple it is to be able to download Now TV APK for any Android device?

With a simple click, install the application, and you’re done.

All in a very, very, very simple way.

All that remains is to wish you good vision and do not forget to leave a nice Like on the Facebook page and share the article if it was useful.

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