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Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world and the reasons are many. It works well and is full of features that contribute to good navigation. However, there is still room for many improvements. That said, now you have one more excellent reason to use Google Chrome, especially considering the number of schemes on the Internet that keep growing.

Now you have a great reason to use Google Chrome!

Sometimes, we receive notices by email or when we are surfing the Internet that invite us to fill out a certain form. Some are even reliable. However, the vast majority are fake. In addition, they submit our data in an insecure manner which can cause the information to fall into the hands of third parties. That said, Chrome’s new feature will save us from that by notifying users when they submit data using forms that don’t use a secure connection. This will be activated from version 86 onwards.

Google Chrome On Phone
Google Chrome On Phone

These forms represent many risks in terms of privacy and security for users since, as I mentioned, they can allow attackers to read or modify the data submitted. This is what prompted the Google development team to move.

How will this work in practice?

First of all, when Chrome comes across an unsafe form it will disable autocomplete which is sometimes so helpful. Then, in the field we are filling in, a red warning text appears.

Chrome Autocomplete
Chrome Autocomplete

However, if we ignore all the warning signs and still want to submit the form with our data, Chrome will show a warning that occupies the entire window and where it alerts users about the risks inherent in what it is about to do.

Chrome Data Warning
Chrome Data Warning

This change is part of a series of Google initiatives to make Chrome more secure.

In addition to this new feature, Google will also prevent sites from showing mixed content to users who visit them. We call mixed content to sites that show, for example, some content using HTTPS and others using HTTP.

In fact, today we cannot facilitate it. With theft decreasing outside the home, as we spend more time inside doors, online schemes are tripling and as such, we need to be more aware than ever.

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