NoxCleaner: An effective software to clean up all junk files, as well as help speed up the system by optimizing RAM, Memory… making Android phones run much faster and smoother.

Android is a powerful, flexible operating system but has applications – or simply too many applications – as well as it uses a lot of system resources and makes your phone slow and difficult. use. In addition, APPVN NoxCleaner is one of the products of the Nox developer, with high-quality products that are well-known and quite well-known as 

NoxPlayer, one of the best PC emulation software on the PC today, and also NoxApp +, an effective app for doubling apps on Android.

NoxCleaner: App that makes Android phones smoother

It is cache cleaning software to help speed up. As an Android user, you can now see a lot of applications like this, but among thousands of apps like that, the only good choice is the Cleaner Nox, and in addition, it supports it. Full Vietnamese so you can use it better.

This application of junk file scanning on Android promises to increase the speed of the phone by up to 60%, clean the files of junk memory and unnecessary data from the phone’s system and help increase memory.

Key features of Cleaner Nox

Nox Cleaner has a very easy to use interface. In addition, there are the following features to speed up your device:

  • Clean up junk: The best feature in this junk file cleanup tool is that it will delete everything you don’t need, as well as delete malicious files, (Junk files, memory, junk ads, applications). non-use
  • Speed up RAM: This feature will stop all applications running in the background, helping to optimize your phone’s RAM better, as well as focusing only on the application you are using to help your phone work in the best condition.
  • Smart Delete: This feature will help you replace many things, no longer having to delete the wrong image files, videos you need.

The first is ‘Game Booster’; This feature maximizes the capabilities of the system. It does this by closing other applications that may be running in the background and so, to remove the RAM for the game you choose. When you download NoxCleaner for Android and open it up, it will automatically optimize if you activate.

There is an ‘installation’ menu, and the best part of this menu is that it will analyze your device and in a very short time, it will show you the ‘task-manager’ screen for you. see your CPU usage%, usage RAM, ROM, SD card, phone signal level (in dbm) … Add Android OS version, IMEI number and other numbers of sub-indicators.

An all-in-one speed cleaner, anti-virus and anti-virus application that optimizes your background, memory, and garbage (cache) applications. While still making your Android phone safe from viruses and trojans, it will help to protect your personal data better.

Like other apps, just one click will get you started. After opening the application, the first step is to click on the start button. It will immediately scan the device to increase performance. After the first scan, you can see the percentage that the application has processed. In addition, this application has other options to clean the phone with Phone Boost and Trash Cleaner to help erase data that can be freed, fast – quickly – quickly.

Highlights of NoxCleaner on Android

1. Deep cleaning

The cleaning effect far exceeds what you think. System cache, application residues, garbage in ads, memory, Application installation files, etc., all of which will be cleaned deeper, more complete, more thoroughly.

2. Classify images

Filter similar images and intelligently blur images, clean bad, duplicate images, along with a larger memory image compression function, free up more space for images

3. No Advertising

Currently, this software brings a user experience with less advertising, smoother and not bothered from ads like many other garbage cleaning software.

4. Small but effective

It can be said that the trash removal software for this phone is excellent and smart with a very small capacity. Although this tool is much smaller in size than other similar applications (only 8Mb), it is also much lighter and faster, in addition, there are many special features that help users need Need any more applications.

Notes before downloading NoxClearner on Android

  1. Cannot delete system buffer? 
    – When you want to use it to clean up the system buffer, the user must turn on the “Memory” manually. The detailed steps are: Installation dụng Application Management > NoxCleaner > Permissions > Activate “Memory” permission.
  2. Can deleted pictures be recovered? 
    – No, so be careful when done!
  3. Why should you turn on the right each time you clean the phone’s cache? 
    – Due to the privacy feature of the Android system, the application’s “storage” right will end after the registration process is turned off. Currently, this effective garbage scanning application will work and take up a bit of memory in your mobile phone, so there is no need to turn off.
  4. Does large image compression affect image quality? 
    – No, large images will be compressed according to the screen of the mobile phone, so compression will not affect the viewing experience.
  5. Can large images be restored after compression? 
    – No, so be careful when doing so!

5. Help play games smoother

No longer frustrated when playing mobile games like Lien Quan Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Crossfire Legends … but when the game is stressful, the phone is laggy, because just download and install and open up everything will be smooth More than that, help you play games, climb rank better.

NoxCleaner software: Speed up good Android phones

With the availability of Android 4.1 and above operating systems, it has the feature to delete application cache files and clean up garbage, in addition to the notable feature of being able to delete old Android Package (.apk) files. Because there are now some applications that ignore 

NoxCleaner APK memory on Android.

The last point is that it provides Android users with the ability and freedom to monitor Android CPU usage, CPU frequency, GPU usage, RAM usage, network activity, and more.

Evaluate NoxCleaner application

– If you play mobile games much, it is indispensable, because it not only accelerates but reduces lag effectively.

– All phones have a low configuration, can’t handle tasks and games, it will automatically handle, in addition, it also helps the battery to be better like fast charging, saving battery effectively. Delete unused and junk files to increase memory. 

Overall, this is a very good application for Android today because it is very light, only 8Mb so the phones are running smoothly, another point is that there are now more than 1 million downloads on Google Play and are evaluated , comment very positive.

Is NoxCleaner IOS available on iPhone?

Currently, this application is only available on Android, so the version of Cleaner Nox on iPhone has not been developed yet. However, if you want to clean up junk files on iOS, you can try the following guide.

1. How to Clear the cache of Safari

  1. Open Settings and drag down and Click Safari
  2. Scroll down again and click on “Clear website history and data / Clear History and Website Data”.
  3. Click on “Clear history and data / Clear History and Data”.
    Deleting junk files on IOS phones is extremely easy

2. Delete application data

Data stored by other applications can be deleted using the Use option in Settings. Follow these steps:

  1. Click Settings> General> iPhone Memory. (On iPad is the last option with iPad memory.)
  2. At the bottom of the screen, you will see your applications, sorted by the amount of storage they have occupied. Choose an application that takes up a lot of space.
  3. Please see the entry for Documents & Data. If you find it takes up more than 500MB, you should delete and reinstall the application to erase and increase the memory
  4. Click Delete app, confirm, then go to App Store and reload the application. This will be a clean installation without all data and documents.

3. Reboot iPhone phone

Here’s how to restart your iPhone:

Hold the Sleep / Wake button or the side button (at the top or right of the device) until “slide to power off” appears. 

Swipe off the power slider. 
Wait until the device is completely turned off, then press and hold the Sleep / Wake button to turn on the iPhone again. 
Doing this on a regular basis is used to be important on the iPhone, and it can still be useful on your current iOS phones without using junk file cleaning software like NoxCleaner.

Download NoxCleaner: Latest version

Download:  Download the APK version

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