Samsung Galaxy Note7 was introduced last year and it looked like it would be a great success. But then everything has changed, and today we do not find it on sale anymore.

In the series of the biggest breakthroughs in the world of technology, we usually focus on devices that are more of an older generation. This time, however, we look at the last year’s flagship, which had great potential.

The Galaxy Note series has always been a showcase for Samsung to show off the perfect smartphone. It was offering technology such as an eye iris reader that was not in the Galaxy series, had a better display and with Pen.

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 also enjoyed several other brand fans. Also, the sixth generation has been omitted for alignment with the Galaxy range, so it has been up to seven. And it looked outstanding, even in reviews. So what changed?

Galaxy Note7 has arrived. Plus points have been taken for ergonomics, but also waterproof thanks to the IP68 certificate. We also liked it hardware and camera, Stylus Pen or iris sensor. We just skipped it with no stereo speakers, a combined microSD / micro-SIM slot and a higher price. In spite of these shortcomings, the smartphone took 99% of the rating, even though it simply has no competition.

On the first of September, however, reports have begun to show that the new flagship of the company has battery problems. After previous issues with delayed delivery for further checks and blasting of one device during charging, it looked like it was not just one wrong piece. Samsung then began to consider replacing the wrong battery for free.

With the growing reports of exploding batteries, the company had to take action. For sure, Samsung has begun to receive all Note7 models from 10 world markets where it has already been sold. In total, there were about 2.5 million pieces of the Note7 that could have a faulty battery.

After replacing more than half of Note7 smartphones, there was another problem. At the end of September, reports came out that the changed model was overheating and the battery was extremely drained. Samsung finally finished producing the tablet. For fear of a threat, airlines even forbid smartphones on board.

On October 12th, we got a new opinion from the company. Samsung has released new safety guidelines for all owners of Galaxy Note7 in some part of the world as both original and exchanged devices. The manufacturer strongly urged customers to stop using the mobile phone, back up their data and shut down the device.

However, Samsung has behaved humanely throughout the situation. After bringing the Galaxy Note7 to the store, the user could choose the Galaxy S7 or the Galaxy S7 Edge, and the price difference went down. If the customers did not have any interest or one form of compensation, they were paid the whole amount back. Also, CEO of the European Branch has written a letter in which he apologises to all brand fans and owners of faulty Galaxy Note 7.

The whole fiasco ended in late March. The Korean manufacturer has resumed the sale of a remarkably exciting device under Note7s on selected world markets. After an extensive and thorough investigation, Samsung has decided to take advantage of the manufactured models (at the same time reduce the impact on the environment) by selling a modified version with a smaller battery that should not cause the so-called “explosion.”

Even though Samsung caused the mistake, the company was aware of the whole thing. They always informed users of the course of the investigation, offered them an exchange, and the VR goggles they ordered along with the Galaxy Note7 could leave customers as compensation. Besides, we have also seen videos where Samsung once again justified its promise of improving the quality of its products.


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