Nubia Red Magic 3 spotted at gaming competition

Last year, some smartphone manufacturers announced some gaming phones. Some manufacturers like Black Shark and Nubia even went on to release their gaming phones. Black Shark has already released a gaming phone this year, and Nubia is set to reply with its own gaming phone, the Red Magic 3 on April 28. The Red Magic 3 was seen at a public event today, and it is set to be launched next week.

The phone was spotted at the League of Legends LPL Spring Championship finals today. Attendees of the event were among the lucky ones to get an early look at the upcoming phone and thanks to a kind user, we have pictures of the phone.

The phone was displayed in a glass box. However, we were only able to the rear of the phone. Besides, the phones were wearing a case on. The design of the Red Magic 3 doesn’t look very different from the Red Magic Mars. The rear of the phone features a single camera setup along with an hexagonal-shaped fingerprint sensor. The Red Magic logo has been moved, however. The logo is now positioned between the camera and the fingerprint sensor. The color variant put on display is red. We expect other color variants to be announced as well.

The Red Magic 3 will come with a Snapdragon 855 processor, 12 GB of RAM and will pack a 5000mAh battery. Some reports also claim that the display of the Red Magic 3 will feature a high refresh rate. Many phones on the market today feature a refresh rate of 60Hz. However, only a few phones like the 2017 Sharp Aquos R, Razer Phone, and Razer Phone 2 have a refresh rate of 120Hz. A display with a higher refresh rate results in faster animations and more fluid responses when scrolling or most importantly when gaming, compared to other displays with a 60Hz refresh rate.


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