Nubia has introduced its new X, the Android smartphone has a display with almost no edges and a back with a second display. Again, it is an exciting solution to prevent display notch while still delivering extremely slim screen margins. Nubia simply does not have a camera on the front, instead only a dual camera on the back is used.

But how do you see yourself for a selfie? Nubia simply installs a second display in the X, so that you can see yourself immediately via the main camera. Is an exciting solution, although not suitable for the mass market. But the Chinese brands like to try something out of the ordinary. No less unusual is the double fingerprint sensor, there is one on both elongated sides.

At the front, a 6.26-inch FHD + display is used, which claims over 93.6 percent of the front. So there are no 7 percent of the front of the screen. Not bad. At the back, we find a smaller 5.1-inch panel that only resolves HD. Under the hood is high-end hardware, up to 8 gigabytes of RAM and a Snapdragon 845.

Anyway, the Nubia X does not come into the trade with us anyway, but it may still be interesting for one nerd or another. But then you only have the import through the usual shops, such as Gearbest.


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