02TVSeries How to Download Movies and TV Seasons in High Quality
02TVSeries How to Download Movies and TV Seasons in High Quality

O2TVSeries is an all in one BEST place for downloading your TV Series, Movies, WWE and more in High Quality for free. And there, you will find all content is in the English language so you don’t need to worry about the subtitles. Also, you can download these interesting stuff at your choice of quality such as MP4, 3GP, and HD. O2TVSeries is the best platform for TV Series and Movies as compared to all the similar platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Usually, to watch TV Shows or Series, Movies on Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, you need to pay for the subscription plan, which is usually charged per month.

But at O2TVSeries, you don’t need to pay anything to enjoy premium shows for free. You just need to pay for your Internet Data to download Media files from the website. So, basically, here I’m going to explain everything about O2TVSeries including how to downloading Media files from the website. Let’s get straight to it.

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What is O2TVSeries?


O2TVSeries is a free website that provides unlimited downloading of TV Shows, Hollywood and Bollywood movies, WWE Wrestling, etc. It has a huge list of TV Series for various regions like Nigeria, Indian, the USA, and more. You can download anything you want related to TV Shows like all the latest Series going on right now in your country. For example, You can download Game of Thrones full Series in High quality for free.

Regretting because you have previously downloaded the Series by paying?

Also, at O2TVSeries website, you can navigate and explore TV shows and movies easily. Because all the content that available there are categorized and placed in a manner that can be found easily by any user. Everything is arranged neatly and in Alphabetic way like from A to Z. And the most interesting one is when you open the website, you will first see the Series that are recently added on the website. And those will be the latest ones that running on TV’s live at that time.

To help you more in understanding the benefits of O2TVSeries, let me show you its features and quality.

Features of O2TVSeries

Previously, I have explained pretty much about the O2TVSeries and how you can navigate on its website. Also, now you know what O2TVSeries actually provides to users. Let me show you some of its best features so you will be able to know the true quality of it.

1. Easily Search and Find any TV Series

O2TVSeries owner has implemented Google Custom Search on its website and using that you can find any Series available on the O2TVSeries website. Also, the search bar has placed in a very good way, and a user can find it very easily. Once you open the website, you will find the Google Custom Search bar just after the logo. Just type the title you want to search and hit enter from keyboards. In the next window, you will find content related to the keyword you entered.

2. Recently Added Section

Recently added is a great section that O2TVSeries has on its website. With the help of the Recently added section, you can know whats new added on the website. And through this, you will be updated with the latest TV Series and movies. In the recently added section, you can see the titles of the Series and the date in which the Series has added on O2TVSeries. Also, now you don’t need to search for new titles on Google. Because you can know about it on the O2TVSeries website.

3. List of TV Series

I think O2TVSeries has very good knowledge about how users can easily navigate on the website. And that’s why the owner of the website has put every element on the site very perfectly. List of TV Series is a section on O2TVSeries where you can get the list of TV Series arranged in an alphabetic way like (A – B – C, D – E – F). Suppose you want to search for Game of Thrones, to find it you just need to tap on the third column (G – H – I). Once you tap on the column, a new window will open, and that will contain the TV Series titles that has G – H – I character at first in the title.

4. Know Accurate Movies Rating

O2TVSeries provides enough and right data on Movies. It uses the IMDB website to provide Rating, Genres, Casts, and other similar data. Even more, you can rate a particular movie by yourself. To do that, go to any movie page from the list, and on the page, you will see a Rate this button colored with red. Just select the Rating number you think that movie deserves and press the Rate this button. That’s it.

I think now you know very much about O2TVSeries, now let’s come to the main thing. Its how you can download TV Series, Movies from O2TVSeries. Well, let me guide you right now.

How to Download Movies and TV Series from O2TVSeriesO2TVSeries

So, I’m finally going to guide you on downloading Movies and other media files from the O2TVSeries website. But before that, you must have things it requires. Below I listed the requirement you must have in order to download movies from the O2TVSeries website.


  • A computer or Laptop (You can also use your Android but you will struggle).
  • Google Chrome Browser installed with an Adblocker extension active.
  • Decent internet connection for downloading the movie from the website.

Once you have these three important requirements, you can proceed with the downloading steps.

Step by Step Process to Download Movies and TV Series from O2TVSeries:

  1. First, open the Google Chrome Browser on your computer and make sure the Adblocker plugin is active.
  2. Visit the O2TVSeries website.
  3. Select a particular Movie or TV Series using List of TV Series section.
  4. Once you are on a movie page, select the Series you want to download from the Series section.
  5. When you select the Series, you will get various file formats along with the download link.
  6. Choose the format you want and tap on the download link.
  7. In seconds of tapping on the download link, you will see the downloading automatically starts.
  8. That’s it.

So, that’s how you can download various Media files from the O2TVSeries website. Just follow the same steps listed above for downloading anything from the website. Let me also give you some tips to improve the downloading speed of Movies and TV Series from O2TVSeries.

How to Improve downloading speed while downloading movies and TV Series from O2TVSeries

Sometimes, even when you have the best Internet connection you will get low downloading speed. And let me clear you one thing, it’s not from your side, its from the website side. But still, you can tweak the downloading speed with the Internet Downloader Manager. Trust me or not but I have experienced a great improvement in downloading with IDM. And I recommend using it for downloading media files from the O2TVSeries website. You can try the trial version if you don’t have money to pay for the serial key.

Why Adblocker is important to use on O2TVSeries?

It’s important to use because O2TVSeries show ads on their website that doesn’t good for anybody including me and you. There you will see adult types of ads that will divert your mind and force you to click on it which is probably not useful.

And that’s the reason I suggested to use Adblocker extension on your Google Chrome. Also, the Website is not secure and so to protect yourself from harmful files, use HTTPS everywhere. It will help you to make the site safe for you to visit.

More for Indian Users

O2TVSeries website has a special app available for Indian users. Its called Indian Web Series App. I haven’t tried it yet but review states it is Good. With this app, you can directly download the Media Files that O2TVSeries provide on your Android phone. To download it, go to the website and click on the on Image “Download Indian Web Series App“.


I didn’t have seen such a great platform for Downloading movies and TV Series. Even most of the similar platform like Netflix charge for watching and downloading movies, TV Series. Almost all of them charge as a monthly subscription plan which masses don’t like. So, If you are a person like me who likes premium stuff for free then you will not find a website like O2TVSeries that provides free downloading of Movies, TV Series in high quality.

So, hopefully, you liked the O2TVSeries Platform? If so, I don’t think I need to say to share this article because it’s well helpful and you definitely share it.

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