Oclean X, the first touch-screen electric toothbrush in the world was recently up for crowdfunding on Xiaomi YouPin. The device has now managed to gain over 10 million Yuan in crowdfunding.

From the listing, it is can be seen that so far more than 41,450 people have supported this product and over 10,322,900 yuan has been raised through this. This is about $1.5 million. Although the Oclean X costs 299 yuan (approx. $43) normally, the price has been reduced to 249 yuan (approx. $36) for the crowdfunding campaign.

Speaking of design, the Oclean X doesn’t look very different from products from the previous generation. Using this device, the company is using technology to improve the experience and effects people get from brushing their teeth. Also, it isn’t just limited to vibrating. The device claims to be introducing the concept of intelligence, customization, and rapidity.

The Oclean X features a touchscreen display. This is used to set the mode of brushing teeth and it also helps to notify when the brush head needs to be replaced. It also notifies the user in certain cases where the brushing force is not enough or the brush needs to be adjusted to cover the blind area.

Other things can also be viewed using the display. You can check things like weather, check dental health information, time, choose brushing mode, brushing feedbacks and many more. The brush comes with a user-friendly and responsive experience.

The Oclean X also keeps monitoring the brushing posture of the user about 1,500 times a minute. All the data the electric toothbrush collects is then used to generate a data report. It then provides a detailed explanation via the mobile app.

The toothbrush also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 support as well as compatibility with Android or iOS smartphones with Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0 and higher. The company says that the battery can last for about 30 days just on two hours of charge.


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