Official image of Lenovo Z5 cheats users


Today, Lenovo disappointed its fans by revealing the expected Z5. As we published here, several leaks by the manufacturer around the device are no more than an illusion. It all began with the device's revelations made by the company's vice president, Chang Cheng. Since then, one lie after another.

Image of the Lenovo Z5 revealed showed something quite different from what was seen in the launch event of the device

Today at the event, the manufacturer finally launched the handset. And besides it has a lower edge as we had expected, it came up with the notch at the top of the screen. Something very different from what Chang promised in his innumerable leaks from the device.

Now, to further worsen the situation, a Twitter user @UniverseIce posted a real photo of the device. One more lie has been revealed, as we see clearly, the device has even more edges than in the teaser released by Lenovo today.

If things continue at this rate, there will be no more screen when the phone reaches the hands of consumers. Certainly, Lenovo lied. Twice. He lied to the media and lied to his clients.

But after all, what was their intention in making so much misleading advertising to the consumer? Did they expect us not to notice the notch?

Taking into account the current financial situation of the company, they probably should not act in such a way. Possibly we will have more details of Z5 soon, and we sincerely hope that it is not through another deception.

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