There’s no surprise that this year,  there will be so much coming from the tech world. I was very impressed with Xiaomi release in 2018 when they released an official statement on the Redmi Note 7 with a 48MP camera at $150 that was a News that ripped into the tech world. It was talked about because of its mid budget price. Now Xiaomi has issued another official statement on its foldable phone. They have been some videos about it even a hands-on demonstration of it in action by the company founder.

Foldable phone
Xiaomi new foldable device

The official statement was issued at LetGOdigital where the company describe some background development, design, even challenge they face with a flexible display, folding mechanism, how the MIUI react to the
different configuration.

Based on previous leaks, LetGoDigital has published cool 3D rendering of the phone. There are the two names been considered for the prototype Xiaomi ” Xiaomi Dual flex” and ” Xiaomi Mix flex.”

The device comes in two folding sections the backward bend and wraps behind the phone, which makes the user interface shift to the middle section of the device making it the only useable area of the phone. When opened it turns into its original tablet mode with a slim bezel and the entire display can be used.

From the leak and hand on video. We noticed their no camera on the rendering; there might be one behind the device. There’s a button at the center of the very top of the phone while the bottom has a USB-C Port. An earpiece port is presumably going to be added at the top of the phone.

The smartphone industry has become increasingly excited to see how smartphone companies push the limit of innovation which brings up to a new age and in-depth view of how technology improves our world.

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