Older versions of Windows 10 receive new improvements

Microsoft continues to release cumulative updates for Windows 10 users. Even those who do not have the latest version of the operating system have access. Since users who have stayed on the April 2018 Update or even the Fall Creators Update, the two previous versions, still have access to updates. The company has released them now.

Older versions of Windows 10 receive new improvements

In this way, they obtain this update with the numbering 16299.1004. Microsoft has already made this update available to users, who can download it now in its version of Windows 10.

Improvements in Fall Creators Update

Users who have the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update as their last update, released in the fall of 2017, have access to a number of improvements. The changes that have been introduced in this version are:

  • The time zone information for Chile has been updated.
  • Performance related to string comparison functions that are not able to distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters has been improved
  • The reliability of the UE-VA monitor has been improved
  • Fixed a bug present in the assessment of the compatibility status of the Windows ecosystem to help ensure the compatibility of the application and the device with all system updates.
  • A failure that caused the error when updating a user section when it publishes an optional package in a Connection Group after the Connection Group has been previously published has been corrected.
  • A new group policy called "Policy details" has been added.
  • The problem that caused the clock and the calendar popup menu to ignore user settings for Japanese date and time formats has been fixed.
  • A problem of Japanese characters with a more recent update has been solved. In addition, the 元年 character is enabled for the first year of the Japanese era.
  • A problem that caused the correct name of the Japanese era to not be shown in Microsoft Office Visual Basic for Applications has finally been corrected.
  • A problem has also been corrected that does not recognize the first character of the name of the Japanese era as an abbreviation and can cause date analysis problems.
  • An issue has been fixed that prevents Internet Explorer from loading images that have a backslash "\" in its source path.
  • Resolved the problem that caused applications that use a Microsoft Jet database with the Microsoft Access 95 file format to stop working.

These are the changes that have been introduced in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The update is now available.

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