One of the next Samsung Galaxy S10 will have the ceramic back shell

At 24 hours from the ghiottissima anticipation of the Wall Street Journal that we have reported in this article , the “top” variant of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 has obviously kept bench today, in discussions between fans. Of course, the first chain rumors could not be missing, starting to outline what is really to be expected in February.

Well, the latest rumors refer to high-end finishes for this Samsung Galaxy S10 “x” (remember that the code name should be just Beyond X ): the rear body, in particular, could be ceramic , in black and white. Many will remember the same material used already in the Xiaomi Mi Mix range, certainly the effect would be superlative and would go hand in hand with the price. Impossible to think of this version of the future top of the range under 1,000 euros (and we hold tight …).

For those who had not read the revelations of the WSJ, we briefly summarize: in addition to the three versions already given for certain, Samsung Galaxy S10 would come with a fourth model from the display of 6.7 inches. A smartphone that will be equipped with six cameras (four on the back), support for 5G, “inverted” wireless charging (which should however also reach the rest of the range) and many other details that we will discover in the coming weeks.

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