The latest T-model of OnePlus has again a larger battery, the 3700 mAh battery is now against the competition. In a comparison video “Mrwhosetheboss” shows us how the new OnePlus 6T beats the expensive competition of Apple, Huawei and also Samsung. Under the same conditions as possible, it is checked how long each battery can manage with a charge.

In comparison, it can be seen that the OnePlus 6T is quite well optimized. With its slightly smaller battery, it is almost at the level of devices with 4000 milliampere hours. With the end, after almost seven hours, the 6T under the androids first run out of juice, the Mate 20 Pro at this time has more than 13 percent battery.

We do not expect miracles from the 6T, it can ultimately perform as expected. Of course, many other factors play a role in everyday life, such as the changing reception quality and the like.


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