OnePlus 6T Strives to Retain Price Hold Among High-End Phones

Just a few weeks ago, OnePlus 6T was ushered in to the acceptance of worldwide fans. It is the ninth flagship from the company. Its release came after months of speculations and waiting but finally, it is here.

One fantastic thing about the device is that it is less expensive than its rival flagships. Even before it came on board, it was specifically announced that it would be cheaper than competing rivals and it came to be just so.

The situation now is that even though OnePlus phones are increasing in price, they are still cheaper than other smartphones of the same range. Considering Samsung, Huawei, and Apple, the three leading smartphone makers, their high end devices still sell above the price found for OnePlus 6T.

A Techrader report claims that OnePlus phones sell at least 25 percent lower than the others in the same category from the companies mentioned above. In view of this, it suffices to say that irrespective of specifications, OnePlus 6T has got a very high significant competitive advantage in the high-end phone realm.

A strong competitor to OnePlus 6T is the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, which its price starts $653 USD, which just about the same with OnePlus 6T. Xiaomi is doing its best to pull off OnePlus’ lead in providing affordable high end mobile smartphones. It is understandable, seeing that many customers care about price when they are purchasing mobile smartphones.

So, OnePlus may be losing this battle.

However, when one looks at the phone, there is no doubt that it is indeed a good phone. It sports a fingerprint scanner and like Apple iPhones ditched the headphone jack. Also, it comes with a large 6.41 inches AMOLED display, something that the gamers would die for any day.

There’s also a bigger battery of 3,700 mAh battery, a camera that sees at night, so to speak, and other wonderful features. For example, you could silence the phone if it is in your pocket without bringing it out.

The good thing about this device is that no matter what and where it lacks, it makes up against competitors with the price. And no matter what anyone say, OnePlus 6T is a premium smartphone.

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