OnePlus One Got Bursts Into Flames When The Phone Was Switched Off


We have previously heard the news of smartphones catching fire and hurting people. The mobile companies whose mobile phone have burst or caught fire include Samsung, Apple and Google too. Now the OnePlus has also been added to this list whose first-ever smartphone i.e. OnePlus One has allegedly caught fire.

The reports suggest that the OnePlus phone caught fire during the middle of the night around 3:15 am and the most surprising thing is that the phone was not even switched on. It was kept switched off and was not connected to a power source for charging.

It happened on July 3 in an air-conditioned room when the user of the phone was sleeping. The user woke up due to a burning smell and found the device bursting into flames. The user after this seeing this, immediately put out the fire using water.

This news came to the open world when the news anchor Chaiti Narula of "India Today Network" tweeted about this incident with the pictures of the burst dead phone.

oneplus one caught fire

After the incident, the user reached out to OnePlus and even Amazon India from where it was bought for a solution to this incident. The OnePlus company responded to the user's tweet saying the OnePlus Critical Escalations team has already reached to the customer and is working hard to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

oneplus team responded to the incident

For your knowledge, OnePlus has never been in the news that its device has caught fire before this incident took place. This is the first time that Oneplus is facing this situation. Though the phone model which caught fire is 5 years old, its a must for the company to give a proper explanation regarding this incident.

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