The new OnePlus Switch app now lets you backup your application data which can then be restored on another OnePlus device. If you’re using a OnePlus Smartphone and looking forward
to upgrading or changing your phone to another OnePlus device then this should come as a great news as it makes transitioning from one OnePlus or any other Android device to a OnePlus device easier than ever. On top of that, more Android devices are now supported with this new update.

If you don’t already know, OnePlus Switch is an Android app from OnePlus which helps Android users quickly migrate from their device to a OnePlus device. It can also be used to migrate from a OnePlus device to another OnePlus device. You can transfer texts, Contacts, photos, apps and other data from your previous Android Smartphone to a new OnePlus Smartphone and this Update improves on that.

You can now also migrate wallpapers as well as app layout from one OnePlus Smartphone to another. However, the receiving OnePlus device must have a higher launcher version than the one sending for it to work. The update is now available on the Google Play Store and if you use a OnePlus device then the app already comes pre-installed. All you have to do is just update it. If you’re using a different Android device and don’t have the OnePlus Switch app, you can simply head to the Google play store and download, or Update it if you already have it installed.


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