OnePlus TV is Set To Launch in India Next Month CEO Pete Lau Confirms
OnePlus TV is Set To Launch in India Next Month CEO Pete Lau Confirms

For the first time, OnePlus is going to launch a smart TV known as OnePlus TV. CEO Pete Lau confirmed that the smart TV will be launched during the month of September, this year. The company will first launch its Oneplus TV in the Indian markets; it is suggested that the OnePlus TV might launch on September 26.

Pete Lau posted a thread on Oneplus Forums to announce the launch of OnePlus TV which is going to happen next month. OnePlus has also planned to launch its OnePlus TV in countries like China, Europe, and North America as soon as the company establishes partnerships with most of the local and regional content providers.

Pete Lau said, “We have always had a very positive relationship with content providers in India, who have always been willing to partner with us, which guarantees great content for our users”. This statement itself shows that why OnePlus is going to launch its OnePlus TV in the Indian market first.

According to the company, OnePlus TV will be made available on the Indian e-commerce giant site You can also check out the dedicated page on Oneplus TV on

In an interview with the Business Insider, Pete said that the OnePlus TV would have 4k resolution quantum dot or OLED display panels. The company will not offer OLED panels because it will make the TV more costly. He did not say anything related to the price of the smart TV. OnePlus TV will run on a customized version of the Android TV platform. The contents in which the viewers are interested will be displayed on the TV’s interface. According to Pete, there will also be some connection between the TV and the smartphone, such as you will be able to use your OnePlus smartphone to type text on TV’s interface.

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