In the latest version of Opera, the innovation comes with the fact that the Opera browser blocked on request cookie hints. It’s not just since yesterday that you need cookie hints on websites in Europe. However, they can be annoying, which is why the Opera browser receives an exciting new feature. In version 48, which will be released soon, an optional cookie hint blocker is included. But that was not all, reports Opera in their own blog.

From the latest version of the browser you can save credit cards for further purchases even easier, also you can start via app shortcuts directly from the home screen in functions of the browser – for example, in a new tab, the search or an incognito tab. On top of that, the read mode has been improved.

In the coming days, the latest version of the app should appear, in the Google Play Store and of course on the APKMirror. At the time of the article, the new version was still not available.


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