Among the various alternative browsers to Chrome is Opera. Opera is appreciated by more and more users in the world, so as to have recently passed the 100 million downloads on the Play Store. The Opera team is also busy on other projects (such as Opera Touch and Opera Mini) but has certainly not abandoned the main app: that of today can be considered a major update!

The update (version 46) mainly includes two aspects: functionality and customization. Starting from the latter, the team has listened to the users a lot and has implemented something long requested: the themes. You can find them within the settings.

In what can be a middle ground between functionality and customization is the night mode: the browser will be dyed black and will allow you to read more easily in the late hours (without the phone damaging the retinas).

Now let’s turn to the added features: we find the notifications of private tabs, similar to those of the incognito mode of Chrome (to make sure that your girl does not know what gift you are buying), an improved copy-paste and a built-in scanner for QR codes.

A good roundup for this version 46 of one of the most used Android browsers. Obviously, there is no lack of “minor improvements“, but they are certainly not the most interesting ones. If you would like to have a look at Opera, we leave you the download button below!

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