Opera Has Launched The First Ever Gaming Browser: OperaGX


The world's first gaming browser has been finally launched by the popular web browser Opera. This gaming browser has been named as OperaGX.

The company has launched OperaGX for Windows platform. There are currently about 1.2 billion PC gamers out there. You will find a lot of customization features as you will be allowed to personalize it according to your choice. You can change the themes and design to change the look of the browsers' user's interface.

Apart from customizing the design of the browser, you will be able to control or manage your computer's RAM and CPU usage. Using the OperaGX Control Panel, you can change the default values of RAM and CPU power allotted to the OperaGX browser. You can either increase or decrease depending on your gaming requirement.

opera-GX control panel

OperaGX Control Panel is user-friendly, you need to only use the circle on the screen to set the percentage of CPU and RAM memory which will be consumed by the browser and it will not be allowed to use more system resources than the percentage allocated to it using this control panel.

On starting the OperaGX browser, you will be welcomed by gaming themed sounds and animations. However, this startup feature can be easily enabled on disabled through settings. You will also find a dedicated gaming news section named as GX corner.

Other features include Twitch integration which allows the users to access Twitter through the browser's sidebar. Speed dial feature is also present which can be used to visit popular sites like YouTube, Reddit, etc with a single click. And the OperaGX browser is equipped with original opera browser features like an in-built ad blocker and VPN, video pop-out feature etc.

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Now you can get access to the 'Early Access' version of the OperaGX and the final version will be launched later.

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