vivo nex
vivo nex

Oppo and Vivo are 2 leading companies in the Chinese smartphone market owned by the same technology giant: BBK Electronics, which, for the record, also owns OnePlus. Unlike the latter, the strategies of these 2 brands are not based on the top of the range like the rest of the competition, but on devices with an excellent quality/price ratio. So much so that Oppo does not release a true flagship model from 2014, while the latest announced by Vivo was just a concept and has not landed on the market.

But now the moment has returned, for both manufacturers, to launch a real top of the range. In the case of the first, it will be Oppo Find X: the company has just confirmed its existence with a post on Weibo and one on Twitter. In addition, it also opened the official website that alludes to a futuristic device: As for the second company, its top of the range will be called Vivo NEX and will be a reincarnation of the APEX concept that, unlike the latter, will land on the market.

For this device has been confirmed, through an official teaser, the launch date: will arrive on June 12 and this device will be very futuristic. In fact, it will have a borderless display with a screen that will cover almost 100% of the front. For this to be possible, on the terminal we should see an ultrasonic call loudspeaker, a front camera that can be pulled out from the top and a fingerprint reader integrated into the display. It is rumored that it will have an OLED display in Full HD +, a SoC Snapdragon 845 and priced over 1000 dollars in China (to be precise 1090 $).

The Chinese house may have decided to launch a cheaper version of about 630 euros with Snapdragon 710 processor. On the characteristics of Oppo Find X, since there was no concept previously, there is still a lot of mystery. According to the rumors will have 3D facial recognition, a very fast recharge, the 5G and the 5x optical zoom.

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