Oppo R9 and R9 Plus Coming Soon


OPPO R9 Plus

Are you a fan of the OPPO line of smartphone? then this one is for you. The Chinese smartphone vendor will be releasing the OPPO R9 and the OPPO R9 Plus which will be made official on the 17th of March. OPPO are going all-out on the spec war with these phones.

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Both phones will have AMOLED displays, and a whooping 4GB RAM, 64GB on board storage and 16 mega-pixel cameras on the front and the rear . As for the spec bit that’ll differentiate between the phones, it’ll be the screen. The R9 will get a 5.5-inch panel, while the R9 Plus will ship with a 6 inch one. Both phones will also feature a fast  charge.

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We anticipate that the the  OPPO R9 could actually challenge some affordable flagship like the Xiaomi Redmi 5 for instance.

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