OPPO Reno uses Nokia’s OZO audio recording technology, says quarterly report

The Nokia company is becoming popular around the world once again all thanks to the resurgence of the Nokia smartphone brand. As a result, we are starting to forget that the Nokia company also has other core technology business concerns such as the manufacture of network equipment and gear. Owned by the Nokia company is the OZO brand. The OZO brand makes advanced camera and audio technology. Well as it turns out, the new Reno smartphone by Oppo which was launched with many revolutionary features also had OZO’s audio recording technology known as OZO Audio.

This information was revealed by Nokia in its Q1 2019 report. In this report, the company also revealed that at the beginning of the second quarter of 2019, OPPO released its new flagship smartphone, OPPO Reno, which uses Nokia’s OZO Audio technology. However, it wasn't revealed in the report if the OZO Audio is on the Reno or the 10X zoom version or both.

An interesting fact, though, is that Oppo failed to mention this audio feature when it was launching the Reno models. The company may have done it because of brand strategy since Nokia is a direct competitor in the smartphone industry. Also, the company may have wanted the 10X zoom capable periscope camera which is the main feature of the Reno 10x zoom edition and Reno 5G to be the main headline. If they had revealed the OZO audio feature, it might have drawn away some attention away from the 10X zoom capable periscope camera feature. The Reno 10x zoom edition and Reno 5G were recently unveiled in Europe.

So what do you think about this feature? Do you think Oppo should have used the OZO Audio technology as a selling point for the Reno smartphones? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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