06 Orbi Voice RBK50V Premium Audio 720x405
06 Orbi Voice RBK50V Premium Audio 720x405

Every wish is an order with Orbi Voice. The new NetGear voice assistance device revolutionizes the smart living and makes its way through the hard battle of voice assistants. Let’s discover the features together.

Hey Alexa!

Whether it is the reproduction of the favorite song, the weather for the day or the latest news, with a simple voice command you will have the answer. Orbi Voice, the first system in the world Wifi Mesh, uses the famous Amazon Alexa assistant and the Harman Kardon sound system. A mix of technology products that will be both your favorite voice assistant and a way to always have wireless coverage.

Alexa, based on the Cloud, becomes increasingly intelligent and allows you to add new features to the device automatically.

At full volume

Want to listen to your favorite music through the most popular platforms like Spotify®Amazon® MusicPandora®iHeartRadio®TuneInDeezer and more? No problem: ask and Alexa will answer. Do you need to add an appointment to your calendar or get a quick update on the news of the day? No problem: ask and Alexa will answer.

Without any effort, Orbi Voice will satisfy all your requests with the voice command only. With an elegant and modern design, since the eye wants its part, you can place it in any environment. The well-designed speakers finish any other expectations giving you a sound quality worthy of note so you can listen to your favorite playlists, thanks to the wireless amplification system, a little ‘everywhere.

In the living room to relax with good music, in the kitchen while preparing lunch or dinner, in the room to be updated on the news of the weekend; in short, a small device that collects everything you need music, internet, and answers.

 Let’s not forget our friends

NetGear obviously thought about the guests too. How many times, before anything else, do your friends ask for your Wifi password instead of saying goodbye? Orbi thinks: configuring the simple “guest” network you can forget forever to go and look under the router or in your diary the secret code. Just ask Alexa and she will provide you with the password. And in case you’re running out of ideas, Alexa also tells jokes.

The Wifi Mesh system, with an equally simple and intuitive installation, takes place through an app. With a single name for the Wifi network, the Orbi app allows you to set up the Circe By Disney parental control for younger guests. It will be possible to manae the content and time spent online by the children of the house as well as working on volumes and equalizers. Your home and your relaxation have never been so smart.

All very nice but … how much does it cost?

Orbi Voice is available both in the RBK50V kit together with the Orbi Tri-Band Wi-Fi router and as a single satellite (RBS40V) that can be added to any Orbi system.

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Starting today, you can order the following product codes on Amazon exclusively:

We leave you for further information on the system family at the following link:  rbi Tri-Band Home WiFi.

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