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Blue Orb, the name behind the orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard has done something great when we think about innovation. The company has only recently been transformed from being research driven organization to one that’s calling the shots in the video game industry. Now the company has produced an amazing device which is blowing the minds of millions away.

This new product looks very strange and at the first glance, it is hard for one to know what it actually is. It looks so strange that one could mistake it for game controllers or a pair of hotplates! For other people, it does not look like anything. It does not look like a keyboard, it doesn’t look like a mouse, or anything like those. Yet, it is called an input device. You would think that this product is the answer to all keyboard issues. Well, in this review, we will take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard.

How to Use it

This keyboard has no keys. Instead, there are two domes that aid input. Dome to the left is meant for specifying any eight symbol clusters. The dome to the right is used to specify a particular character, based on its position in the cluster.

Dome to the left is surrounded by letters embedded in different colors but the one to the right is surrounded by different colors palettes.

If as an example, you want to type the letter ‘E’ and it is colored purple on the dome to the left, what needs to be done to register the letter is to shift the left dome to that segment which contains the letter and shift the right dome to color purple. That’s it. Simply put, the orbiTouch Keyless keyboard changes the way a user interacts with his or her computer.

Excellent Mouse and Keyboard Interaction

You may find it hard to comprehend how the orbiTouch can serve the user a function of the mouse, for the domes don’t rotate; they slide. Think of it like you think of a joystick, not much of a mouse. But it could also operate in a mouse mode. For example, a nudge to the right dome sends it in any directions you want it to go. If you don’t release the dome, it continues to travel that way until it hits the edge of the screen. That’s for the right dome. The one to the left is often used for left-clicking and right click activities.

To activate the mouse mode, the user has to double slide the left to six o’ clock. When the user makes a double slide on seven thirty will activate caps lock. To activate Num Lock, hold down four thirty.

Ease of OrbiTouch Use

The device comes with two leves of tension. There’s 4N and there’s 8N. The latter is for lower resistance and can be good for beginners who have very limited dexterity when they try to hit the correct quadrant. The buyer can and should specify the resistant level he or she wants at purchase period. N8 is quite better at satisfying the needs of beginners with severe limited dexterity today. The other option is the edition being worked on now by the manufacturer in which an orbiTouch will have both resistance levels and the user will be at liberty of choosing whatever resistance they want from one device.

In view of these, it is interesting to know that no one can achieve the same speed on orbiTouch, that others have been able to reach on a standard computer keyboard. In effect, this product is built not for speed but for accomplishment. For example, people can type 60 or 70 words on a normal keyboard that belongs to a laptop or a desktop computer. On orbiTouch, some report being able to make 15 words per minute although the limit could be up to 30 words per minute. To achieve any great speed, you may have to persist long enough but the more you persist, the easier it gets. Of course, for disabled individuals, 15 words per minute is a great accomplishment.

3 Quick Perspectives of OrbiTouch

  1. It is only excellent for people with hand disabilities
  2. The domes don’t rotate; they slide
  3. Great product for people with disabilities

The Advantage

OrbiTouch keyless keyboard may not be your thing, really. But it is helping many people with disabilities. For these people, this device rocks. Among those who benefit from this device are those with cerebral palsy. They have difficulty communicating because of their handicap situation. The problem they have most is with talking and writing; so this orbiTouch keyless keyboard really comes in handy for them. With this keyless keyboard, they can effectively communicate with others. It may be a little drab but it surely works. Some have been able to gain employment due to the skills they possess. American veterans are finding orbiTouch especially useful.

What People Are Saying

A user whose duty is to prepare weekly report about volunteer activity says she is able to do more now in less time. Before she got acquainted with the orbiTouch, she would wrangle at the task for more than two hours. Now she spends about 30 – 45 minutes on the same weekly task.

Another user says he doubted how efficient it would be for him to use the keyboard at first. To his delight, learning the orbiTouch proved to be very easy. It was equally easy to use it. Any hindrance at the initial stage can be overcome by constant practice. He thinks this is the best thing for people with hand issues.

Price and Availability

We may not be able to tell you that this device has a fixed or official price. But we know that that it sells for about $399.99 in reputable online stores. As per availability, it is very much available now in 2019.


Do you know anyone with hand disabilities? The orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard is an excellent product for them to become productive. It proves to be truly a very great alternative for anyone with hand disability. Apart from making them expressive, it gives them the opportunity to stay connected, useful, and living an impactful life.

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