How will you feel when you order for a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for N14,500 and get only the case? Is their even anywhere Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is been sold for N14,500 in this country?


Here is an ordeal of a Nairalander and I wish to share:

I was browsing through Nairaland phone section trying to figure out a cheap phone to buy when I bumped into a advert. Curious, I clicked on it. As I was going through the website I came across a very cheap Samsung phone called Samsung Galaxy S7 Egde Clear View Case. It goes for 14,500 Naira. I was so happy that I have found a very cheap powerful phone and quickly ordered for it.

My people, instead of the phone to be delivered to me, it was the phone case that was delivered to me. I am so pissed off right now as the case is staring at me while I’m staring back at it, what do I do?

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