Alienware has presented its new m15 laptop which fans have been waiting for. Although the company has other products to showcase, this laptop will however be the big deal from the firm’s offerings at the tech show.

The exhibition is already in progress as companies have already begun showcasing their products since the 26th of October. It will close on the 28th of October 2018.

As most analysts have presumed, Alienware is going to have a huge presence at Pax Australia and the firm is already doing so with the presentation a plethora of devices. However, the one that will deeply touch the hearts of fans is the thing for big time video gamers.

The Alienware m15, as the laptop is called features the 8th generation Intel Corei7. More than that, it is the next advancement in the firm’s portable notebooks, and sure enough, it will allow gamers to play the most complicated of games anywhere they go.

That is why people who love to play as they go will find Alienware m15 such a favorite companion.

This m15 model is focused on bringing a light and compact notebook that will fit comfortably into any medium-sized bag. Those who frequently carry along a backpack will find it easier taking the m15 anywhere they go.

The device weighs just 4.7 lbs and it is only 18.1 mm thick; in fact, is the thinnest and lightest laptop made up until now. Without compromising its appearance and performance, Alienware m15 is designed to operate in any environment. Users can bask in the comfort of using this device anywhere they find themselves.

M15 offers 15.6 inches narrow bezel where the 60 – 144Hz backlit LED screen occupies. Furthermore, it uses Alienware’s Cryo-Tech v2.0 technology which makes the outside surfaces or panels of the laptop cool despite intense use.

While the strongly built 8th Generation Intel Processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX are seamless pumping out great images, your sleek laptop remains cool.

Of course, Alienware is prepared to have a huge presence at Pax Australia in this month and for sure, the firm is prepared to present the m15 in several different builds, all with varying specifications, features, and prices.


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