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Finding a user who does not particularly bother about advertisements on the internet is a huge undertaking, and it is certainly not a coincidence that the vast majority of those who surf the web use the good old adblockers to enjoy articles, videos and everything which offers internet without being disturbed by commercials and popups. However, one cannot fail to point out that it is advertising that allows many sites to exist and to guarantee users everything they seek.

Let’s think, for example, of the various newspapers, called to offer quality information. This is why, for some time now, some companies have been thinking about this aspect, trying to study good formulas. One of these is Mozilla, which is thinking of asking users to “pay” Firefox in order to take advantage of all those sites that do not have any type of advertising.

The payment is then “turned” by Firefox to publishers of information sites, who can thus count on important revenues without being forced to place various announcements on their portal. The Mozilla project is still in its infancy, also because there are several aspects that still need to be solved. For example, the company will have to clarify how to create the account, who will participate in the initiative and whether the estimate of the money collected will be sufficient to guarantee the survival of these sites.

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