PC Classic Retro Console Runs DOS Games


They say that users never asked of it, but here it is; the PC Classic Retro Console made for DOS games. We don’t know how much love fans are bestowing on this retro remake but in the past we saw the OG Playstation get modern reconstruction so to speak, along with others such as Nintendo’s SNES consoles. It is now time to face the classic DOS games. The games are set to be packaged in a dinky light brown PC box.

Unit-E is the main reason behind this and the Unit has called it the PC Classic, and it is really working especially when you look at the success it is having at crowdfunding efforts. Simply stated, this palm-sized PC box will allow buyers to play DOS games on the TV.

Users will find to their delight that it is not hard to find DOS emulators and the right software for their PCs. But there must be something that makes the PC Classic something really classic, and that tells why people still love it.

There are about 30 pre-installed games that this PC Classic box comes in with. Unit-E has made sure that is possible for those fans who love variety. Imagine what it may have taken for the company to go to that length. Unit-E also includes their own game called Doom. With this in place, you may just be able to scale through the use of emulators. Yet, Unit-E will not stop there, for the company has decided to continue working to add more games to what already exists on PC Classic DOS games. These games will be available for separate purchase, says the company. However, titles of these games has not been announced yet. Even though the company does not have titles yet, it has confirmed that its goal is to provide all of the games that define PC gaming experience of the 1980s and 90s.

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This may create a sort of longing for those people who in the past may have had those games in possession. Although these people will older now, probably these games will rekindle their gaming spirits and bring them back on board.

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