Destiny 2 scaled
Destiny 2 scaled

At a time when we have very good people closed at home, and with the series and films disappearing very quickly from the ‘To see’ list to the ‘Vista e Revista’ list, maybe it’s time to look at what the world Gaming PC has to offer us! Especially now that we have so much platform offering quality games every day.

It is obvious that we have several free games on the market, such as the very popular CoD: WarzoneLeague of LegendsFortniteApex LegendsSmiteCS: GO, etc … But these are MMO games, in which you must play online with other people. But calm down! If you like to play alone, or just want to live an epic story, there are many other games available on the most varied platforms, completely free.

These are all games that are free for PC!

So, from Epic Games Store weekly games, GOG, Steam promotions, etc … We have a lot of free games available on the market. So, in fact, it is not at all easy to keep an eye on everything. That’s why we’re here to help!

So, in the list below you will find a list of all the free games now available, from games that will be yours forever, as well as others that are only available temporarily. However, in this list, you will not find games that are already free like the ones mentioned above … Here, we have only games that normally cost money.

Free forever:

Limited time:

(This list will be updated over time!)

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