signify malaysia 805x453
signify malaysia 805x453

Philips is one of the brands that are not familiar in the lighting arena – where they also have smart lighting offerings under the Philips Hue brand. Most recently, Philips Lighting announces that they will re-brand their company to Signify – thereby expanding their offerings later.

With this re-branding, Signify said they would focus more on the connected lighting arena – bringing more profit and benefits to consumers and urban development.

In addition to indoor lighting, Signify also offers a number of connected devices for smart city development. In fact, their products are well integrated in several major cities – including in Melaka.

Using the Signify product, it is said to save energy, while enabling various lighting products to be regulated more efficiently.

In fact, moving forward, Signify looks at some of the offerings and technology development – including data transfers through light.

We are expected to hear more about Signify in Malaysia in the months ahead.

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