Meizu 16s Pro Specs Review, Wireless Charging, No MicroSD Card Slot

To tell you the truth, Meizu has not announced that this phone will come into being. But BGR has reported the leak of this smartphone that will soon be announced and released into the...

Meizu V8 Review: Price, Performance, Availability, Full Specs

Meizu V8 just got a high rating for its camera features, design, display, performance, usability, connectivity, and other features. The smartphone was launched on the 19th of September and is available for pre-orders.This is...

Meizu 16xs Specs Review , 6.2-Inch AMOLED Display, Qualcomm Snapdragon

Meizu 16Xs is special for one thing. It is an AMOLED display smartphone. These days, those who are savvy users of mobile devices after asking if a device got AMOLED display will next ask...

Google Pixel 3a VS Meizu 16S Full Specs Comparison

The Google Pixel 3a is a new and affordable smartphone that was launched by Google this year. The phone comes with a decent body design, an ample RAM and enough inbuilt memory as well....

Meizu Note 9 VS Honor 8 Pro: Featuring The Same Battery And Storage

The Meizu Note 9 is a decent and upper mid-range smartphone from Meizu, while the Honor 8 Pro is also a good and beautiful upper mid-range smartphone from Huawei. Both phones come with similar...

Meizu 16S VS Xiaomi Mi 9 Specs Comparison

The Xiaomi Mi 9 and the Meizu 16S are also a great device to buy. They are among the 2019 flagship phones of the year. They come with a premium body design and a...

Meizu 16S VS OnePlus 6T: Which One Will Perform Better?

The Meizu 16S is a flagship smartphone from Meizu that was launched this year. The phone comes with a beautiful body design that packs an amazing camera setup and a generous inbuilt memory as...
Aquos R3 VS Meizu 16s VS Xiaomi Mi 9

Sharp Aquos R3 VS Meizu 16s VS Xiaomi Mi 9 Comparison

The Sharp Aquos R3 is a flagship Android smartphone from a Japanese company. The handset did not just come with a powerful processor, but also a beautiful body design that features a dual notch....

Meizu 16s VS Meizu 16x Comparison: Which One Will Perform Better?

The Meizu 16X was an amazing device launched by the company in 2018, while the Meizu 16s was launched this year with similar body design as well. Both phones are coming from Meizu with...
Meizu 16S VS Xiaomi Mi 9 VS Lenovo Z6 Pro

Meizu 16S VS Lenovo Z6 Pro VS Xiaomi Mi 9 Specs Comparison

The Meizu 16S is another flagship smartphone coming from the company with a unique body design and impressive camera setup. The handset features similar specifications with the Lenovo Z6 Pro, and the Xiaomi Mi...

Meizu 16s Specs Review, 3 Variants, Gorilla Glass v6, Super AMOLED Display

Yes, that is the kind of greatness that comes with Meizu 16s release. The phone is superb and sets the stage for other high end smartphones in 2019. But there is more to the...

Meizu Note 9 VS Huawei Enjoy 9s Specs Comparison: Which One Should You Buy?

Meizu Note 9 is an upper Mid-range smartphone that features a decent body with an impressive cameras set-up. The handset is in the same category as the Huawei Enjoy 9s. Below, we will be comparing...



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