Homtom S16 Review – Affordability Clashes With Full Display

Another smartphone that makes it into the Homtom Full Display line up (Homtom S Series) is the Homtom S16. The smartphone has an aspect ratio...

Homtom S9 Plus Review: The 5.99″ Tri-Bezelless 18:9 Full Display Smartphone

Homtom series S smartphones makes their stance as Homtom's full display smartphones. We've seen the likes of Homtom S8 and Homtom S7 with their full display nature. The...

Homtom HT3 Pro Full Specs Review, Features and Price

Homtom is one of the Chinese brands that is associated with cheap affordable devices. Most budget friendly devices come with a compromise in the...

Homtom HT7 Pro Specs Review, Features and Price

Homtom is one of the numerous Chinese tech firms that has flooded the smartphone market with budget-friendly devices. The firm's name sounds like a...

Homtom HT50 Low Budget Android Smartphone Review, Specs and Price

In case you were wondering, Homtom is a Chinese company or should I say one of the Chinese companies that have recently found its...

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