Xiaomi has not even touched on the name of Mi Mix 3 this year, but the rumor community has already done its part by sharing with us the first information on the new borderless phone that will represent the Chinese brand in 2018.

Of course the information, for now, is still very timid, but running away from the concepts and speculations, behold a photo leaked this weekend ended up drawing attention quickly in China’s social media, in the image that displays the alleged back panel of the third member of the Mi Mix family – check it out (click on the image to enlarge it):

In addition to corroborating that the Mi Mix 3 will bring two main cameras, the photo still suggests that the positioning of the dual-cam configuration refers a lot to the iPhone X, with the sensors placed vertically on the left. The digital player, in turn, continues in the same position already known with the Mi Mix 2.

And finally, the signature “Mi Mix designed by Xiaomi” gains contrast with the more somber tone of Mix 3.

Of course, it is too soon to believe in these rumors and leaks that appear in the course of December, even because Mi Mix 2 is still very new in the market.

Anyway, considering that unusual Mi Mix 2s with the style of the iPhone X (the cut edge that divides opinions), reporting the Mi Mix 3 with some features inspired by the same model from Apple would not be a surprise – maybe this one is a strategy in the intergenerational shock, right?

If Xiaomi maintains its timeline with the Mi Mix line, Mix 3 is likely to be introduced to the world sometime between the third and fourth quarter of 2018.

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