Photo of the day: Smartphone Honor Note 10 Rolls Royce Design

Over the past week, we have written several times about the Huawei Honor Note 10 smartphone, which soon should enter the market. It will be interesting at least by its appearance.

Today, the web has another “live” photo of the upcoming smartphone. First, it confirms that the previous one was genuine. Secondly, it tells us that there will be some kind of customization of Rolls Royce on the market.

Let’s remind you, Huawei already for a long time lets out versions of Porsche Design so it is possible to assume, that the embodied version will be called Honor Note 10 Rolls Royce Design.

Then it will differ from the usual except for the logo, is still unclear. Most likely, the delivery kit and, perhaps, some technical parameters.

As for the latter, according to leaks and rumors, Honor Note 10 should get a curved display Super AMOLED diagonal of 6.9 inches and SoC Kirin 970.

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