Photo website Flickr acquired by SmugMug

Flickr is owned by SmugMug, a company that specializes in sharing and storing photos.

That’s what SmugMug CEO Don MacAskill told USA Today. You can also read about it on the company website. The acquisition was completed this week, but it has not been announced what has been paid for Flickr.

MacAskill says with the purchase new life in Flickr want to blow. The photo service has existed since 2004 and has for years been about sharing photos and reactions between users. A year after its establishment Flickr was taken over by Yahoo.

How he will do that is the question. “It sounds crazy that a CEO has no idea what he is going to do, but we did not build SmugMug from a master plan either,” says MacAskill. “We listen to the users and if enough of them ask for something, we make sure it’s there.”

Flickr must remain as a separate website under SmugMug. “In the end, we will transfer Flickr to the SmugMug system and your Flickr photos will be moved,” says the site. “But the photos themselves remain on Flickr.”

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