Ultimate Photos Taken With Tecno Camon C9


The 13MP rear camera on the Tecno Camon C9 is more improved than the one on Camon C8. The camera is fitted with f/2.0 aperture diaphragm that enables it to let in more light, thereby producing brighter images in a low light environment. Tecno C9’s rear camera has a higher light intake ratio in low light conditions compared to iPhone 6 Plus.

Tecno Camon C9 also has Visidon Algorithm Brightness that produces 50% brighter images than average. The blue glass helps to filter parasitic light that may want to interfere with the quality of the images being taken. Its Visidon Algorithm Noise reduction clears up to 75% of the ‘noise’ in the dark leaving you with a very clear photo.

Already amazing pictures have been emerging from the C9JA tour and they are really breath-taking. Check out some of these pictures:


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  1. Ojo Ayodele Sunday says

    What is the latest tecno please?Am fond of Tecno now ooo My number is 08033594794

  2. Eddy says

    Nice photos from the c9….Buh please can u send me more images to view b4 I buy one of this phone? my number. 0541108132(on WhatsApp or on my email please) .Thanks

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