Pirate IPTV has grown at a frightening rate in recent years, however, after the new Coronavirus throws us all onto the sofas in our homes, and this type of traffic has even grown significantly at an early time. It seems like it was a low sun. tough! After all, IPTV Pirata traffic has dropped a lot in recent weeks! Do you know why? It’s easy. The vast majority of customers only pay for this type of service to have access to the most diverse sporting events, something that simply does not exist today.

That is, very briefly, without sporting events like football, Formula 1, etc. Piracy ‘dies’!

Pirate IPTV to fall? Even in quarantine times? Why?

Therefore, at a time when IPTV services even offer higher image quality compared to paid services such as Netflix, HBO, Disney +, etc. Due to the fact that they are not subject to the same limitations. It seems that the client portfolio of those responsible for these networks has become much smaller during the current quarantine period.

After all, everything indicates that the great motivation for entering the world of television signal piracy is even the football games and many other sporting events closed behind the subscription of Premium channels, such as SportTV, BTV or Eleven Sports.

So, even with millions of people at home with nothing to do, the number of users of the various piracy services available across the world has dropped. Who would say?

Pirate IPTV to fall? Even in quarantine times? Why? – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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