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I'm really a big fan of Google's products and I've also been a huge fan of Google smartphones like the Nexus line. If you guys remember that back in the day and now the Pixel line. You can probably tell that everyone is really looking forward to this year's Pixel and here is everything to expect. Everything we know so far all the leaks and the rumors.

pixel 4


When the original Pixel came out, everyone who loved it bought one for themselves and this was even before Google sent over any product. It was a really good phone for a lot of reasons, but also really bad one for some other reasons; we did like the software experience - no custom UI, the zero bloatware and they have updates that you want with this phone and also the pure stock Android software. What we did like all was the camera, it was really good, but the design really wasn't so; it had a very outdated design even in 2016 with some massive bezels and considering that you also had the on-screen navigation bar, the 5-inch display was actually much smaller in terms of usable space.

In 2017, Google launched a Pixel 2 which haven't even proven the design quite a bit special especially on the back it still looked outdated. For the front, we were expecting a new design that year because it was also that year we got the massive iPhone re-design and the Samsung Galaxy S8. Finally, 2018 we had a Pixel 3 which had a more improved design on the back with the smooth matte coating and the front was also improved from the Pixel 2XL with thinner bezels on the sides and bottom but we also had that massive notch on the top which is still the biggest notch on any phone.

Google still hasn't nailed the design of their smartphones yet however, they have nailed the camera and the software experience as well as the updates. Google has recently added the night sight mode in the software update to every single Pixel phone. Apple is usually the company that supports their devices for many years because anyone else really doesn't.



Google has just been granted a patent in late January 2019 on unreleased phone design and how it looks like. It's a full-screen display with pretty much zero bezels, which to be honest is expected of Google in 2019 especially considering all the Pixel 3 XL leaks that we've seen last year. We do have Dual stereo speakers on the front but wondering where the front-facing camera is. Well, Google would probably avoid a pop-up camera as we've seen on the Vivo Nex or even a sliding mechanism like on the Oppo find X or the upcoming OnePlus 7. We don't really have any recent details of the back of the Pixel 4 but we've modeled ours on a concept based on patent and considering that everyone is moving towards a triple camera system or even a Quad lens camera system in 2019.

Design of Samsung Galaxy S11 has just been finalized. Do you like it?

Google is most likely moving to at least a dual Camera module, the Pixel 3 XL camera Res zoom in digital capable of providing clear and crisp images quite nicely, but it's still quite far from true optical zoom. Most likely Google would be adding a wide-angle module on the Pixel 4 running a zoom module because you know the zoom module is actually used on most phones for creating that Portrait mode effect and Google already does that with software and it actually works really well which most cases even better than other phones. The second zoom module is to create that portrait mode effect and we would say most likely that Google would be adding a wide-angle lens for that second module.


What about the actual specs? We've actually had a recent Geek bench score of an unreleased Google device, a codename Google coral and this one seems to be running on a Snapdragon 855 processor which is not a Pixel 3 XL since it launched at the end of 2018 is still running on a Snapdragon 845 processor.

The newer 855 was launched in January 2019, which we've actually heard some previous reports say Google's upcoming smartphone won't be the Pixel 4 but a Pixel 3a, and would be a mid-range smartphone, it would feature a mid-range Snapdragon 670 processor alongside the same back camera that's found in larger Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL but it would definitely not have a Snapdragon 855 processor.

The main issue here is that Google would always be a year behind companies like Samsung just because Google releases their phones in October versus February or March like Samsung does and then considering that Qualcomm is already a year behind Apple when it comes to performance. This makes a Google Pixel about two years behind that poll performance wise but apparently, Google is well aware of this and they are working on fixing this.

A Reuters reported that Google has hired sixteen microchip engineers in India for their Bangalore sites (a site built with CPU manufacturing in mind ). Google does plan on finally making their own processor just like Apple, Huawei, and Samsung, this will allow them to not just make significant more upgrade for processors for their Pixel phones but also for their Google home devices and possibly even their Chromebooks in the near future. because the Pixel Slate is crazy laggy, slow and glitches, the only way that Google can fix this is by making their own processors and there have been many complaints of the Pixel 3 lagging and being slow and Google has recently released a major software update to fix that.

Google Stadia will be available from November 19th


A Pixel phone has always been a very fluid experience, a Google Pixel phone is the software equivalent of an iPhone so it's really good and really fluent experience with a clean design and also they want to update something that we have noticed was just how few apps on my Pixel 3 XL could keep open in the background because it only comes with 4GB of RAM.

Now for an iPhone, 4 GB of Ram is actually enough just because of how well RAM management is on iOS but an Android needs at least 6 GB of RAM for a fluid experience, for example, Galaxy S8 with 4 GB of RAM was able to keep more apps open in the background than Pixel 3 XL. Now Samsung has 8 GB of RAM by default under Galaxy S10+ but like we said before you do need the extra RAM for the One UI interface. Google doesn't need as much RAM but definitely still more than 4 GB of RAM and just like pretty much every single major manufacturer will be adding 5G support on the smartphones in 2019. Google is expected to do the same with 5G capabilities under Pixel 4 XL now this could mean that a price would increase at least on the Pixel 4 XL 5G by at least $100 if not even $200 at most.

Most likely Google will be adding a separate third model of the Pixel 4 and that one would support 5G pretty much the same as Samsung has done it with the Galaxy S10 5G model. Most people would not be okay with this, when it comes to the release date the Pixel 4 XL would launch around October or November 2019 like every single Pixel phone we've had in the past, so an announcement in October and then either a late October release or an early November release, but yeah let us know in comments what you guys think about a Pixel 4.

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