The best camera you can use is the camera that is always with you. These are the words of pearls that we often hear. The fact is now the camera on most smartphones is good enough to replace compact cameras. To rival the smartphone, more and more camera manufacturers include smartphone support on their compact camera to facilitate photo sharing to social media for example.

Pixii is a camera designed with different ideas as it is specifically designed for use with a smartphone. It does not have built-in LCD panels for viewing pictures taken or memory card slots. Only 8 / 32GB built-in storage is included. After the picture is taken, it will be sent directly to the smartphone and then viewed directly on the screen.

It only has a small LED panel for displaying camera and battery settings of 1000 mAh. It supports the Mount Leica M lens but the sensor specs are still being announced. The price and date of sale have not yet been announced. With Pixii, a new species of cameras that need to be fixed on a smartphone all the time to work eventually becomes a reality.


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