Places To Repair Damaged Infinix Phones In Nigeria for Free

Since about some months ago, the Infinix Hot Note Android device have been the major talk all over the net in Nigeria and many other countries in Africa. The Infinix Hot Note is seen as

The Infinix Hot Note x551 device is a 5.5 inch Phablet. Just as the name implies, it is more like an elder brother to the Infinix Hot x507 Android smartphone.

Over 50,000 units of this device has been sold in Nigeria in just about two months. This statement was confirmed by the officials of Infinix Mobility during a private media brief held in Ikeja. The performance of the Infinix Hot Note has been very impressive. Many users are very much satisfied with the well-known Jim’s BIG Thing which is on sales on Jumia.

If you bought the Infinix Hot Note or any other Infinix device and it screen got damaged accidentally, we have good news for you.

Infinix is now offering all Infinix device user a 6 months warranty on smartphone damage, broken screen replacement and a free OTA (Over the Air) update for the device so that users can have the latest update to softwares and improvement to primary applications on the phone.

Infinix later states that, when a customer accidentally breaks the screen of the device, he can definitely get it fixed for free in the Infinix Calcare Office as long as it still falls within the 6 months warranty period, this is an impressive move by the Infinix Mobility for providing it because getting a fix for the Gorilla glass will cost you nothing less than N15,000. You’ll need to provide them with your damaged device and also your official payment receipt.

How to update Android phone even without official updates

The OTA updates delivers new software updates wirelessly to the device via WiFi or mobile network. The new software update to the Infinix Hot Note is about 25MB of data and to do this, you get into the device menu and click the System Update app. From there you can check if a new software version is available or not. If it is available, you can download and then install.

You can also make contacts with 09 099 922 417  9amwithin the hours of – 5pm. You’ll be attended to whenever you make it up to them.

List of Infinix Carlcare Offices in Nigeria

You can use the Calcare App on your Infinix phone to find the nearest Carlcare Office or refer to the list below

Akwa Ibom

Address 1: 9, 0ron Road, Plaza, Uyo


Address 1: 10 Tijani Ashongbon Street, Ilaje, Bariga

Address 2: 2nd Floor, NO.77, Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos State

Tel:         +23418821234, +23418427248


Address: No 25, Beirut Road, Kano, Nigeria

Tel:         +2347063756339, +2347066085854


Address 1: 56, Airport Road, Benin City, Benin


Address 1: 54 Wethdra Road, Owerri


Address: City Plaza 3rd Floor, D45, No. 13 okwei Street Onitsha

Tel:          +23417755575, +2347066085854


Address: Isolak Building, Queen Elizabeth Road, Ibadon, Oyo State, Nigeria

Tel:        +2347027104664, +2347066085854


Address: BSS 220D, Banex Plaza, Plot 750, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja

Tel:           +2347098738770, +2347066085854

Port Harcourt

Address: No 290 Aba Road, Port Harcourt, River State of Nigeria

Tel:           +2347094249451, +2347066085854


Address 1: 35, Okpara Avenue, Enugu


Address 1: Alhaj Ya Ahmed House 3rd Floor G5, Amadu Bello Way, Kaduna

How to divert calls on Android

Tel:        +234 062833801


Address 1: 107 Nnebusi Road, Asaba

Address 2: Rewjido Plaza, Deco Road, Warri


Address 1: No 15 Obakhavbaye Street off Oba Market Road, Benin City

Tel:           +23452891257, +2347066085854

Please note Free screen replacement is only valid for first time damage within the 6 months warranty period and do not forget Terms and conditions also apply.

  1. Peter says

    Hello thank you for this post, is this 6 month warranty screen repair still applicable right now?

  2. Ofy says

    My infinix hot 7 screen just got broken. Pls can it be fixed for free?

  3. Stev says

    Pls hw much is infinix x572 motherboard in port Harcourt carlcare office

  4. olorunfemi omolola says

    My infinix hot6 pro which is jus sixteen days old fell inside beach water and its not coming up again after have dried it…i got to know i need to change the panel for the phone to work well….pls where can i get the panel?

  5. Daniella says

    How much will it cost to repair my infinix hot s3x touch pad in port Harcourt please

  6. thompson says

    where and how much to repair infinix hot 2 the touch scream.

  7. Becca says

    Comment:My infinix s3x fell and the screen got cracked, please where will I be able to get it repaired? I live in Lagos.

    1. Tobi says

      I swear… My note 5 fell today too
      I’m a student in Abeokuta but lives in Lagos.. I no sabi where to turn to..

  8. Ifeoluwa says

    Great post, but pls I’m not close to any of these calcare locations so can u pls tell me d cost of fixing d screen of an hot6 model

  9. Valentine says

    Please can the fix my infinix note5 screen for Free

  10. Beatrice says

    I need help my note4 pro phone fell out of it’ case and the screen cracked. It is barely 8month how can I materialize my warranty

  11. Bamidele Beatrice says

    With uttermost dissatisfaction am I writing this. I bought infinix note4pro. The phone is very heavy, does not restrict data(even when you put on data saver, apps will still be downloading automatically,) has a feeble battery(complained, I was excused) and the most shocking part is that, it slipped out of it’s case and the whole screen cracked within a flash! I went to carlcare, the phone is barely 8months and they are requesting I have to pay 17500 to get the screen fixed! What happened to the guarantee? How can a phone with that exorbitant price not have a standard durability? If infinix provided a case and the phone still won’t be safe in it how trusted and meaningful can there product and guarantee be… Please I need compensation here! I feel cheated!

    1. Samuel Afolabi says


      I know how bad you are going to be feeling right now,,, will push this to twitter. Thanks

      Kindly follow up the tweet here:

  12. Henry says

    Please where can i get infinix office in aba
    Plz is urgent

  13. ayodeji says

    please i bought my phone last year october ending and the screen dropped this morning please where do i repair it since thee warranty is a year

  14. Bright says

    Please how much will it cost me to repair my infinix hot 6pro touch pad?

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      no idea… you can check at any nearest Infinix office

  15. chiamaka precious says

    How much is hot4pro panel
    Carl are said its 23500
    How much can I get it

  16. chiamaka precious says

    I bought Infinix hot4 pro last month and ever since then it has bin from one problem to another
    The first time I experienced no network both for browsing n calls,i took it to sorrel office thinking it was from airtel They tried all they could but it did not work,i tried the SIM card in a another phone and it worked perfectly
    I had to take it back to the slot I bought it, he fixed it but later after some days it went blind and I took it back but on getting there it showed again
    The man refused changing the phone.i started using the phone for some weeks nothing happened
    but for the past 3 weeks I have not been using my phone both for calls and browsing.
    I went to infinix carlcare they said its the panel and it’s 23500
    I don’t really knowwhat to do because I bought the phone for 46000 and now d panel is faulty
    please is there anyway I can get the panel for a lower price?

  17. Habeeb says

    My infinix note 4 screen broke yesterday and its just 1 month… Am I going to pay.. Or its free… Am at abeokuta

  18. Olowosusi Koseemani says

    My infinix note 4 pro screen broke…how much will it cost me to repair??hhhyuu

  19. Dokky says

    Pls my infinix hot4 pro fell into water and d screen got much will it cost me to repair d screen, am in Akure

  20. Telsumbini says

    This will sound really silly, but I slept off with my Infinix Note 4 beside me on the bed. I slept for about three hours and woke up to find one crack across the screen from the bottom left to the right, close to the top of the screen.

    I bought the phone on February 1 last month, so I know that I very much qualify for the warranty. However, I am concerned about the integrity of either this post or of Carlcare’s offer because your post says I can get my screen fixed for free, but people here are saying that Carlcare is taking people’s money for it and you haven’t replied to some of these concerns even though it contradicts your post. I’m going to Carlcare this week, and I’d be glad to know who’s telling the truth. If your post is misleading, I suggest you correct it speedily. If Carlcare attendants in Nigeria are extorting money from people, it may have to be reported to Carlcare.

    Thanks for the information. I expect a reply soon.

    1. Oluwabunmi says

      I experienced the same thing. My phone is just three months and I was told the warranty does not cover the screen.

  21. chike says

    i bought infinix joy pad 7, recently it started having charging port and ear piece issue. the battery drains so fast, also had a cracked screen too. after change of charging port and ear piece, it continued after some while please what possible could be done to revive the phone. complaining from Port Harcourt! tahnks

  22. Samson says

    My infinix hot x557 stopped working and wen I took it to a local engineer I was told d panel was no more good please can I still repair the phone coz there are some vital information on it and how much will it cost me

  23. Emmanuel says

    I got an infinix hot 5 in December 2017 and the screen got broken on the 30th of Jan 2018. The phone is still under warranty. Can I get it fixed for free? and where.

  24. Samuel Bamidele says

    How much will infinix X551 panel cost? I need for a replacement. Samuel Owolabi

  25. Eby says

    My infinix x551 is Mal functioning like some functions don’t come up any longer. Pls I need it like hey.. I live in umuahia, abia state

  26. Adaeze says

    With all these experiences, how then do we report this to the top authorities since you are here to help and for all we know, they are indirectly discouraging the customers of infinix.

  27. Olalekan says

    Plus o Can I change my infinix hot 4 panel?? Because it is not On again the engineer that I gave to that the panel is not good anymore.

  28. Seun says

    My recent experience with CarlCare Ibadan wasn’t one to write home about. My X551 suddenly goes off when the Battery reaches 60%, i understood that it was a Battery problem and since the phone was still under warranty and the Battery is not easily removable i decided to take it to their new office in Ibadan. When it got to My turn and after explaining to the attending officer, she told me i had to pay N32,000.00. I was shocked, i asked if any thing was the problem apart from the Battery issue that i complained about, then she said it has also affected the panel and it needs to be changed. If i didn’t know much about phone i would probably have fallen for her words and besides How much does the phone cost that i would be spending such amount for a Battery problem. I then asked if i could get the Battery from them since i could fix the phone myself (i didn’t want them to give an excuse to void the warranty, but its like they dont care) and she said no; unless i pay the N32k.
    Well i left and got the Battery for N3,500.00 and i fixed the phone which is still working till today.
    We need to know whats wrong with our phone before taking it there because i see their services as exploitative.

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      Thanks for sharing with us this brief information, I wish they see this and adjust the way they treat their customers. I can say N32,000 is way too much to fix Android phone, even to fix a laptop wont cost that much.


    My Infinix hot note suddenly wouldn’t charge and then couldn’t come on. I wasn’t aware of this service and gave it to a local repairer who claimed I had to change the battery. Unfortunately up till this moment, over a year now I can’t use that phone. Can it be revived, even if I have to pay?

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      Yes, and make sure you give it to a professional.

  30. Stephen Daniel says

    Pls my infinix note2 x600 screen and touch is bad pls how do I repair it,I live in pH.

  31. Joseph Ibezim says

    Infinix is really doing a great job as a top Mobile brand in Nigeria.
    tech lector was able to contact them to get updated list of their official offices that offer exclusive after sale service.

  32. Faloye tosin says

    Good evening, I bought my infinix zero 4 plus in Feb but unfortunately a friend mistakenly broke the screen. I called Carl care and they said I would need to pay around 28000 to get it fixed. Am surprised at your saying they will repair it free.
    Then a colleague advised that I should not bother to fix the screen as more problem will keep occurring. Please what’s your say on this two subjects.
    Await a response. Thanks

  33. tunmise says

    Please my infinix hot 3 phone fell and it stopped coming on I was told it was the panel but could also fix the screen. How much would it cost for both

  34. Nwidum Nwideezua says

    I brought my Infinix hot S in January this year and it fell from my hand but the screen did not damage, just that it refuse to On or Charge can it be fixed

  35. olamilekan says

    Comment:my infinix hot2 stopped working this month n I gave it to a phone eng to repair it 4 but all to no avail he told me d phone panel crashed n dat I need to replace it.I don’t even know where I can get a good panel can u pls b of help in anyway.

  36. Mr holyland says

    hi, admin I have carefully took my time to read through your reply to people problems and I must say I’m very impressed. please I bought an infinix hot 4 late last year and just today afternoon reading some news on my phone, I placed it on my table to get something from the bedroom after I returned to the living room and pick the phone to continue reading my news to my greatest surprise the phone was off, I tried powering it ON but to no avail, I plug it to the charger but it won’t come on. admin, these are my questions :
    (1). is there a solution for this kind of issue.
    (2). as regards the warranty, I have disposed The phone pack the only thing i have is the user instructions and it’s pack, as I can’t find the receipt either, could my warranty still work?
    (3) if no! like how much do you think it could cost me, that’s if it has a solution as I have not use any phone with this kind of experience before. please I need ur quick response as I’m there lots of valuable documents on the phone .please reply me asap.

  37. olumide says

    hello, plz I’m in Abuja and I have been trying to reach the phone numbers to the abuja office to no avail. please can anyone help me, I need to know the price for infinix hot 2 x510 screen. thanks in advance

  38. theamypee says

    Comment:i bought my infinix hot4 lite about 3 weeks ago and the touch screen got broken yesterday and I called carlcare, the told me that I’ll have to pay because the screen can’t just break like that

  39. Lawlardey says

    I bought my infinix hot s two months ago, the screen broke yesterday. I called carlcare today only for the Lady to tell me I’ll pay 14,100 for the screen. Are u sure this warranty is still on?

  40. david says

    Hello i have an infinix x551 with a broken screen… how much can i repair the screen and not charging issue. i leave in lagos. need your swift response.

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      Sorry, I have no idea on how much you are going to be charged. But you can take it to any Infinix center near you for amount info. It shouldnt cost much though.

  41. Daniel says

    I have an Infinix Tab 8s (X801) with broken screen. Can i get a new screen? How much?

  42. miss b says

    Is this 6months warranty still on? I accidentally broke the screen of my infinix note 3 and it’s just about 3 weeks I bought it

    1. Samuel Afolabi says


  43. alexdihno says

    pls my infinix hot2 touch pad just broken hw much can u fix it back

    1. James says

      Computer Village phone repairs, we have all infinix accessories and screen, for more information call 07034622895,

      1. Phemmy says

        How much can i get infinix x-551 back camera and the casing? please contact 07032768607

  44. Emmanuel says

    Plz my infinix x506 screen got broken how much can I fix it

  45. emy says

    helo i stay in benin nd i use infinix hot 2;can i get a new panel nd aw much is it

  46. Matthew says

    hello am using infinix hot s its not up to 2 month and de screen has been damage how do i get repaired?

  47. prince says

    my infinix note 4 I cnt hear wen someone calls BT later it comes back …. it happen in the space of two weeks I need reply plss……

  48. Gabriel says

    I am in Ghana I bought my infinix Hot S phone three days now and it fell cracked at the bottom of the screen where can it be repaired in Ghana.

  49. Chioma says

    Comment…please how much will it cost me to repair my infinix hot 2 damaged screen,please i need a reply its urgent

  50. osunneye Adedoyin says

    Comment…pls the screen of my infinix hot 2 just got broken…how much will I use to repair it

  51. bunmi says

    My infinix hot3 screen was broken though its still pressing ooo,lwas told its calibration and is not up to 6month.pls what can be done thsnks

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      You need to take it to any close carlcare center

      1. ibrahim says

        my infinix x512 screen broken how much will it cost. I am in ilorin

        1. Ojo Stephen says

          I take it that you mean Infinix X521, i.e. Infinix Hot S. My uncle repaired his (broken screen) for N15,000 at CarlCare in Lagos.

  52. Emily says

    Please, i bought my infinix hot2 on 4th of october 2016, after 2 week a particular point on the screen is not touching. I returned it to where i bought it and i was told it will placed on warranty, so pls admin i want to know how long it will take for the phone to be returned since there is no carlcare here at Uyo

  53. Samson says

    Please my infinix hot note panel is always hot and when I took it to engineer I was told one IC has being damage.. That I need to get new panel… Please I don’t know if I can get another panel…. I stay in ilesa but I will appreciate any nearest place. Thanks

  54. Azeez femi says

    my Infinix hot2 was formally displaying (unfortunately the rescent app has stopped)and now it’s not starting again but I took it to slot and th ey said the phone panel is damaged …..I don’t know If calcare could fix it for me and how much will they fix it

  55. Ibukun says

    Hello, I am using Infinix Hot Note Pro and I need to change the screen because its just showing white and the touch pad is still working. I bought it December 16th, 2015. How much will it cost me please. Just Eight month old.

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      Will cost you around N10,000

  56. YOUNG J says

    please i need your help
    my infinix x510 phone fell down and then all of a sudden
    my musics
    videos e.t.c. just erased somehow
    i dont understand and my camera is displaying SD CARD disabled/unmounted

    1. Ojo Stephen says

      Remove the SD card and re-insert it. If it says the same, go and give to a technician to look into it. The sd port could have been damaged by the impact from the fall.

  57. ogunrinde rotimi says

    i bought my infinixhot x507 january 2015 but im having issues with the touch pad and the power and volume buttons please help

  58. olalekan says

    Comment…my infinix note2 developed fault in flash charging.can it be repaired for me at calcare centres efficiently because I have once return the phone but later return to me without working still.

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      is the charger original?

      1. olalekan says

        yes. because I tested d charger with another infinix phone and it works.

        1. Samuel Afolabi says

          okay…. i suggest that you try another original charger on your phone

  59. Kingsley says

    Please admin, can i get the address and phone numb of d nearest carlcare center to umuahia

  60. bede says

    My infinix note2 is not up to two months old and the screen just got damage here in abuja… Can it be fixed free at bannex cos I have been there ones with a friend for issues like this but we were charged. Just need to know if this is just a way to get people to do business with you guys or if this is real.

  61. Bolaji Ajayi says

    will carl care accept my phone aft one engineer has tampered with it, the screen got broken nd went blind….or can i exchanged the phone for another? and how much does a screen cost?

  62. itanife says

    Hello good afternoon… Pls I got my infinix X801 joypad calibrator broken…pls where can I get it fixed and pls add number to contact if possible….thanks

  63. Nathaniel says

    Comment …my phone is bad

  64. Alao Nathaniel says

    Please i have two infinix hotnote and one have screen problem and the second one have panel problem and i tried to put the panel one the one that the screen is cracked to the second one but is not working with eachother, please what happen to it like that…..and is more than a year now that i bought it help me out please…… I’m From Ogbomosho but rite here in ilorin

  65. francis isong says

    Please my brother my infinix 551 Just stopped to dial out but i can receives calls and browse but cant call out what did i do. Am in Abuja

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      Hallo francis, have you tried other SIM card on it… hope the line is not barred from making outgoing calls

  66. Nancy says

    Pls I bought my infinix x551 on the 27th of April, 2015..just this June my sister mistakenly threw it down from upstairs and the phone has not been showing anything since then, and the screen is cracked beyond recognition..pls am I still in the warranty and will I pay much to get it fixed. I stay in abuja. Thanks

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      Hi Nancy,

      i think the warranty is just a year. And from your explanation it is now over. Well you can try your luck, take it to any carlcare near you to get how much they are going to fix it for you.

  67. Apeh says

    Hii bro…my infinix hot note only charge when its connected to my system …how do i fix it…i guess i have done the necessary settings thanks

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      make sure you are using the original Infinix charger

  68. yekeen ojo luqman says

    what will i do with my 3month infinix phone that not calibrate again,am using it and it suddenly stop calibrate

  69. Samuel says

    Pls Is The Warranty Still On.

  70. iykeman says

    Admin thanks for your concern about our phones. Please of recent my infinix note 2 i bought on feb 2016 seize to last long after charge.what i have noticed is that when it gets full, on discharging it slowly disharges to 70percent and then a rapid decrease to 30percent, pls what do i do It’s really frustrating as a student i can’t have long hours of reading.i will appreciate a reply. Thanks

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      Visit any nearby carlcare center and lay your complain to then for fix

  71. Omowunmi says

    pls my infinix fell down and it did not on. so i wipe all the ohone and also mistakingly click on “root integrity check” so since then if i on it, it will write “no apps can perform this action”. pls can i still repair it

  72. aminu says

    Comment…my infinix hot 2 fell and it get broken how do I arrange it and how much is the price

  73. temitope okubanjo says

    afternoon bro, i bought an infinix phone infinix hot x507 last year august and and this monday the phone was showing unfortunately, my phone has stopped and the network of the two sim are not showing. what can i do?

  74. temitope okubanjo says

    afternoon bro, i bought an infinix phone infinix hot x507 last year august and and this monday the phone was showing unfortunately, my phone has stopped and the network of the two sim are not showing. what can i do it?

  75. zaynab says

    My infinix is showing exist on it screen

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      Hi Zainab,
      what do you mean by exist? can you explain better?

  76. oyegbade oluwakemi says

    And pls how much does it cost to repair the charging port

  77. oyegbade oluwakemi says

    pls my infinix X551 charging port is damaged i bought september 2015,av tried calling d customer care line for ibadan its always switched off what do i do?

  78. Samson says

    Thank you so much for the good work. Please, I have searched almost everywhere for infinix bolt battery but no success. Please, any recommendation? Thanks for your assistance. HELP!!!!!

  79. kamsi says

    Pls I need d Panel for my Infinix zero…Its having problem

  80. Julius says

    Pls My Infinix Hot 2 Is Not Power On Again. Pls Can I Get D Panel

  81. Jummy says

    Hi, pls my infinix zero2 screen got broken, how can I get it fixed? Secondly, my contact list takes eternity to load when I want to make call or search for my contact, pls what can be done abt dat cos its really frustrating. Thanks

  82. kehinde says

    I bought my infinix note hotpro on th3 6th of July, 2015. And ever since if Whatsapp picture or video is sent to me, after a while the picture will write video cannot open. Then if I take picture with the camera after a while the picture will not show and then write thumbpin or thumb something. Is my phone still under guarantee and could it be fix cos its not making me enjoy the phone.

  83. Eedreez says

    Please my Infinix Zero screen is damaged, how much can i fix it?..and where can i fix it i stay in Ibadan

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      Ibadan, Nigeria
      Hotline: +234 8172005296
      Address: Isolak Building, Queen Elizabeth Road, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

  84. philo says

    Please my problem is battry how can they changed it for me and is how much thanks

  85. Fredrick says

    Good day sir, my infinix hot note x551 charging port is bad and this affected the panel connected to the flex. Please where can I fix it.

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      where do you reside?

  86. kristie says

    Hello. it’s been about a year now that I got my Infinix Alpha. Like two months into obtaining it, the phone fell and it’s just been worsening from then on. the screen’s a total mess, the top back cover broke when the phone fell. Please can anything be done about it from the Infinix office? Or better still, anything at all?

  87. Isi says

    Comment…Hi my infinity note is not damaged but the screen doesn’t slide. What can I do?

  88. Gbemi says

    please ius ther calcare around surulere

  89. adedamola says

    Pls,my infinix hot note charger got broken,please can i get another one like it???

  90. barry says

    Please sir reply me ASAP…

    My infinix zero 2 got entered inside water and I loosed and dried it.. I was told my mistake was to power it off which since then does not power on… but it gets to charge and it indicated the charging alart when off plus my computer gets to identify an external disk when I conect to it but cannot read it… it is quite a new phone pls could it still be fixed and were can I fix it? I stay in umuahia

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      Hi Barry,
      You can take your Zero 2 to a nearby state with Infinix Carlcare Office if not too far from your location

  91. Owoyemi says

    Big ups to you for your smart phone solution given to Nigerians. May God bless you. That been said, I own a infinix alpha marvel X502 purchased 5th July, 2014 with its warranty card still intact. The problem with it presently is that it auto starts both WiFi anddata without prompting it to. Can it be solved? I reside in Abuja.

  92. julian says

    My infinix isnt up to 2 months. It cracked yday, just got back from the calcare office in opebi and they asking for a sum of 8400…. why say it is free then for replacement?

  93. sule says

    Hello friend I need full carl care address in port harcourt, and phone number thanks.

  94. olajide says

    hello, pls I need battery for infinix x530, av bin to the computer village for more than 3 times and other accessory shops, I could not get it.. can u pls tell me where I can get it…

  95. KAYODE says

    I bought my infinix zero from a phone dealer in Umuahia by April and d phone get screen cracked on august, I told him and tell me too bring it, he now telling me he will send it too lagos to repair it and it going to cost 8500 when I saw it on ur site dat its free…..plz wht should I do?

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      Take it to a nearby Carlcare center…

  96. Heni says

    I really do not know what’s happening to my phone anymore. The phone shuts down unexpectedly. Get full on time when the battery is low. And even when the battery is not down it goes off. Am sick n tired of the phone. For d records it an infinix alpha marvel. X502. Please kindly assist me if u know were I can fix it around Lagos. Tanks

    1. XhakaJavier says

      Have you been able to fix it? i’m experiencing the same problem too.

  97. Abdullahi says

    My infinix Hot x507 screen got damaged today’s evening and there’s no way I can access the carlcare app,and secondly there’s no carlcare office in my state..I mean Niger state…how do I go about it please?

  98. Iby says

    my infinix hot note charger is bad and since then i noticed that any other charger i use takes about 6hrs to charge.I also noticed the fone jst goes off at will sometimes. i bought the phone in March.What do i do?

  99. stanley says

    My infinix zero2 fell and the screen cracked i went to their calcare center and they said it’s 15k to repair…ion know if it was a promo they did…i need explanation s pls

  100. Ebuka says

    I just called Carlcare Onitsha branch and I was told to bring N9000 for screen replacement when it should be free as you advertised. The phone is Infinix Zero. Pease I need you to give an order of mandamus to this effect immediately. Thanks.

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      When did you buy the Infinix Zero?

  101. Lanre says

    Please my screen got cracked today (infinix hot note), but it’s still working well.. How much can I change the screen?

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      Try any carlcare nearby Lanre. You might pay, but a little amount. cant tell though.

  102. okunade taiwo says

    my infinix hot note went off and I try to put it on but was not turning on. the next step pls„ and moreover I don’t see any warranty label inside my phone pack

  103. ade says

    hi, does the warranty cover water damage

    1. DonCyber says

      chai…. i am not sure about that… but you can call their carlcare and inquire

  104. sam_i_am says

    There is no branch in Calabar, Cross River, and we really really really need one. Badly! Please create a branch here too. Thank You

  105. Dubem says

    I want to buy infinite hot note x551. I stay in onitsha. please how do I get the phone

    1. DonCyber says

      You can get it delivered to your door step in Onitsha if you place order via Konga or Jumia

  106. Okpanachi Abel says

    pls my Infinix hot got bricked ..can it b fixed?.Am in Abuja

    1. DonCyber says

      Yea it can be fixed… Try the method provided HERE

  107. chidinma says

    I tried to call Lagos State carlcare but it said the number doesn’t exist

  108. chidinma says

    The Lagos carlcare number is not going, Pls can I get another one?

    1. DonCyber says

      I will advice that you go there since their address is stated above… They will know for sure that you are serious.

  109. Chidinma Confidence says

    I bought my infinix hot note on 16th of April and it broke last 2 weeks cos I don’t have money I would have repair it, Pls if I go to one of the carlcare will they fix it for free? Again the USB cable charger burnt, how much can I get it I mean original one?

    1. DonCyber says

      yea… it is free in some situation… but if it is seriously damaged, you might be charged a little amount

  110. lara says

    I’m having audio issues with my infinix joypad 8s, when I call or anyone call me I can’t hear my caller and my caller can’t hear me either. This issue is affecting my video too. What do I do to rectify the issue.

    1. DonCyber says

      have you tried formating the phone?

  111. olayeye gbemi says

    I got my infinix x551 on april 17 and the screen got scratched but am always busy during the week so I don’t know if carlcare office open on weekends

    1. DonCyber says

      Hi Olayeye…
      The Carlcare Offices dont oppen on weekends

  112. adesola says

    Pls I got my infinix x506 Nov and d screen got broken this month,I guess my 6months warranty has expired,like how much will it cost me to repair it

  113. kikky says

    My infinix zero phone which I bought late December is broken and my receipt is in Ibadan while am in Lagos… What do I do?

    1. DonCyber says

      In the Package, there is a warranty label inside… if you have that, you have no problem

  114. Romzy 08187460140 says

    I upgraded my infinix hot x507

    now it showing me something else
    when i put it ON
    power off
    restore back up frm ADB
    restore back up frm SD etc

    av tried to put d fone ON …no progress
    please help

    1. DonCyber says

      I think it is bricked. You can unbrick it yourself by reading this post or take it to any Infinix carlcare office nearby

  115. Emem lnyang says

    The screen of My infinix hot note x551 is cracked. How do I repair it and I stay in Uyo . Where is your Office?

    1. DonCyber says

      I doubt if there is a Carlcare center in Uyo… you can as well take it to nearest state if you have someone there

  116. Tochi says

    Pls can i use the system update app to upgrade my infinix hot operating system to lolipop ?

    1. DonCyber says

      you can give it a try… but be careful

      1. Vivek maid says

        Hi I have infinix hot note. Now it is not under warranty. The screen is broken. I live in dubai. Please help me to get the phone repair. Please send me the repair shop details in dubai on [email protected]

  117. ohen eunice says

    my infinix phone just have a screen damaged pls how can i replace it. i got the phone just febuary not up to five months. pls help me i stay in abuja.

    1. DonCyber says

      Visit them @ Address: BSS 220D, Banex Plaza, Plot 750, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja
      Tel: +2347098738770, +2347066085854

  118. Dennis Daniel says

    Please my infinix hot fell,since then it has been going off on it’s own and sometimes it refuse to on,but the screen is not broken,can it be repaired?

    1. DonCyber says

      yes… it can be fixed

  119. ammie says

    carl care office in Ibadan in Nigeria do not have the screen for infinix Hot X 507 .. please help is needed

    1. DonCyber says

      oops… you can leave the phone with them until it is fully repaired, Ammie

  120. Oge says

    Great post. At least, we can have a direct route on where to repair all Infinix smartphones. Hope the new Infinix Hot Note is inclusive?

    1. DonCyber says

      Yes Oge, the Infinix Hot Note is inclusive

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