Play Aladdin's Classic Game For Unlimited Fun On Your PC

The first Aladdin, unveiled in 1992, also attracted a few games based on its animation, and the version for Mega Drive and personal computers was tagged a classic, for adhering to the history of the original animation, which includes graphics that are identical to the ones seen on the canvases.

Therefore, after the arrival of the movie on the 24th of May 2019, you might want to play the game on your PC. And being able to do this is simple and not expensive.

Let's jump right into it.

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How Can I Play Classic On My PC Without Any Installation?

If you have not been opportune to play this classic, the simplest way to have it tested is by heading to the site, which is home to old games that are prepared to run on your browser. In this collection, a demo version of this game is accessible online and can be run on your PC.

Below is how it can be played:

  1. In any browser you like, head to this link.
  2. Tap "On."
  3. Now hold on till the game files are loaded.

If you wish to play it in the browser, it is vital to make use of the keyboard, because the website emulator does not support joysticks. So, for the control, you can use the keys below:

  1. Keyboard arrows: This will move the character and cursor in the menus.
  2.  Spacebar: Pula.
  3. Ctrl: Strikes with the sword.
  4. Alt: Throw the apple at the bad guys.
  5. Enter: This will pause the game.
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Other Ways To Play This Classic?

Another different way to enjoy this classic is by buying the full game in its version for personal computers via the net.

It has been adapted for some of the latest systems.

It can be all yours from the Steam store and at GOG. Just be prepared to part with some money.

Additional Aladdin Games

The drama of Aladdin in video games was not limited to only this classic.

Alongside the Mega Drive, the Master System, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, plus the PlayStation and other consoles have gotten several games of the character.

Ensure you find the time to experience these classics and gain the knowledge of this character’s story.

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