samsung game service
samsung game service

After Google and Apple have introduced their own gaming services, Samsung may be following them. South Korea recently registered with the USPTO the trademark PlayGalaxy Link.

This designation seems to be already very illuminating of the intentions of Samsung. Although few details have been advanced in complying with this legal procedure, it seems to be a new gaming service.

In the submission of this trademark, we have a long description that tells us what to expect from this alleged service. Namely: “downloadable gaming software, service for online gaming tournaments, online gaming service for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, affordable service for mobile devices.”

Samsung will want to fight with Apple Arcade and Google Stadia

This long description virtually confirms the intentions of South Korea. It is almost certain that the South Korean will want to launch a service competing with the already presented Apple Arcade and Google Stadia.

Still, we do not have any indication of how PlayGalaxy Link really works. Is it a streaming gaming service, just like Stadia? Or will South Korean opt for a different approach? These are questions whose answers will eventually emerge in the near future.

Samsung has already taken a step in this direction by partnering with Hatch, one of the makers of Angry Birds. This partnership served to launch a cloud gaming service in South Korea. Therefore, this may already be an omen for what to expect from PlayGalaxy Link.

Following the announcement of this service, we can also get to know a smartphone dedicated to gaming. There has been a lot of talk about this possibility, although it has not yet materialized. What better time to do it than when launching a gaming service?

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