PlayStation 5 may have the much-desired backward compatibility

We are already talking about the next generation consoles. The PlayStation 5 is certainly one of them, continuing the long legacy of Sony consoles.

However, one of the most frequent complaints, when new consoles come out, is their ability to run games from the previous version. The Xbox, for example, are famous for maintaining some backward compatibility with older systems.

In the case of PlayStation, this has become almost scarce. The last time we saw backward compatibility in the PlayStation was with the PS3, the initial model, which ran PS2 games.

PlayStation 5 will have technology that recognizes the "antiquity" of an application

According to Gamesradar, Sony recently filed a patent in Japan. It is a method that allows equipment to determine whether an application is inherited or not.

Inherited or legacy applications usually refer to programs that were made to run on older systems. In this regard, this patent describes an algorithm of identification in the CPU that allows legacy software to run on future equipment.

Of course, this can mean a number of things. Sony's business goes not only for consoles but also for televisions, smartphones and other products. However, the great clue that points this patent to the PlayStation 5 is the name of its creator.

Mark Cerny was the main architect of the PlayStation 4 and is reportedly very involved in the development of the next console. The inclusion of its name in this patent reinforces not only its involvement but also the creation of the formula that may allow backward compatibility for old titles.

In conclusion, this may be good news for fans of the legendary console. It makes all the sense you can pick up on your physical collection of classic PlayStation and play on the latest console in all its glory.

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