Playstation 5
Playstation 5

If you are aware of the world of leaks and rumors, you know that Amazon has already put the PlayStation 5 on its website for 500 $ / 500 €, with an expected arrival on the shelves on the 20th of November. A listing that has since been removed, and of course, you can see its price and day changed at any time…. However, as far as we know, the entry on Amazon was actually filled by an official Sony account, not a ‘random’ person.

That said, new information has now arrived, pointing to a price of $ 399 / € 399 for the Digital version of Sony’s new generation console, while the version with 4K Blu-Ray player is expected to cost another € 100, that is, 499 €.

(PlayStation 5) Digital Version -> 399 € / Normal Version -> 499 €

Therefore, the ‘Digital’ version of PlayStation 5 has the great mission of presenting a lower price, and therefore more appealing, to later lock players in the Sony ecosystem. After all, digital purchases give Sony more money, as it is possible to eliminate all the costs associated with a digital copy.

Furthermore, with the players very close in the Sony PlayStation digital ecosystem, it is not only possible to keep 100% of the money that comes from game purchases from Sony’s own studios, but it is also possible to keep 30% of all sales of games. all games from outside studios. (Including micro-transactions in all these games, such as skins, DLCs, etc …)

Still, a difference of € 100 seems a bit exaggerated, I was expecting something around € 50. Especially when we consider that the production cost of the console is ~ 450 $. Removing the Blu-Ray drive would never be a cut above 30 ~ 40 $. So either this is a big deal, or Sony is ready to lose some money in the initial sales of the console, and then receive strong and ugly transactions in PlayStation Store.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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